Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A loss is a loss

My new weigh in day is Monday. I exercised everyday burning over 4000 calories for the week, I ate well and I lost half a pound. I must admit I was upset at first but then I thought a loss is a loss. If I did not do all the right things it would be a gain. So I will put a smile on my face and take it. Yesterday I did not feel like working out so I made a deal with myself, I will go to the gym & work out for 20 minutes and if I wanted to leave after the 20 minutes I could. I did the 20 minutes plus 40 more I ended up doing an hour on the elliptical and it felt great. Four more days of exercise & I will meet my goal of 3 weeks exercising everyday.


Brandi said...

That was a smart idea making a deal with yourself! I find the hardest part of working out is just getting there and starting. Once you're already going you might as well finish right? :)


Mae Flowers said...

Great job on getting back in the habit of exercising!