Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Workout out of the way

I have been struggling the last few days with finishing my exercise challenge. Ever since the scale incident I have been feeling like what is the use of exercising everyday. I am tired and don't feel like doing it. Yesterday I was ready to throw in the towel. I had decide I was giving up (with only 4 days left). I put on my pj's, ate dinner and was settled in for the night when I thought what the heck am I doing, I only have 4 days left I have already exercised 15 days in a row I can not give up now. So I changed clothes & hoped on the treadmill for 45 minutes. I did not want to go thru today talking my self out of exercising so I got up at 4:45 this morning & went to the gym. I did 1 hour on the elliptical & I feel great!. Two more days to go and I will succeed.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A loss is a loss

My new weigh in day is Monday. I exercised everyday burning over 4000 calories for the week, I ate well and I lost half a pound. I must admit I was upset at first but then I thought a loss is a loss. If I did not do all the right things it would be a gain. So I will put a smile on my face and take it. Yesterday I did not feel like working out so I made a deal with myself, I will go to the gym & work out for 20 minutes and if I wanted to leave after the 20 minutes I could. I did the 20 minutes plus 40 more I ended up doing an hour on the elliptical and it felt great. Four more days of exercise & I will meet my goal of 3 weeks exercising everyday.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


I am recommitting to blogging. I don't know why I have not been blogging as I really enjoy it. I went way over the deep end for about 2 months. I would have one good week and one bad week that then led to one good day 4 bad days. I am proud to say that as of today I have been binge free and have exercised every day since Dec 1st.

I am going to Florida next Saturday for almost 2 weeks and my plan is to exercise everyday until we leave. We are driving down so I most likely will not get any exercise in the 2 days we will be driving but I will try to sneak in a few walks at the rest stops. I will also be exercising while I am on vacation. I plan on making this the first year I lose weight during the holiday instead of gaining.

Monday, October 19, 2009

5 mile hike

Sorry I have not been posting much I promise to post more often. I went on a 5 mile hike on Saturday. I did not plan to do 5 miles however when I got to the end of the trail I found out it was not a start & stop at the same spot trail. Had I known it was 5 miles I probably would not have gone on that trail but I am so glad I did. I started the couch to 5k training this morning. I had gotten through I think the 3rd or 4th week last year now I am committing to finishing the whole thing. I am toying with the idea of doing a 1/2 marathon in March. I will see how the 5k training goes before I commit.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

I am back!!

I am back, not just back to blogging but back to Weight Watchers and back to getting my life back on track. I don't know why I went so far off program for the last month but I am back. I rejoined Weight Watchers on Tuesday night. I am up 8 pounds since I stopped going to the meetings. I worked so hard to take the weight off and I just let it come right back on. I am glad I am taking charge and re committing before I put it all back on, but it is sad that I put on the 8 pounds.

I found out a few weeks ago that my has a large mass on her lung, she is going for a biopsy next week. However the doctor feels it is cancer. I feel bad because we live almost 3,000 miles from each other which puts a lot on my sister that lives in the same city. I wish I could be there for her. We are visiting for Christmas but I would also like to be able to help out more.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I am setting goals for myself this week. My goal this week is to go to Spinning on Thursday and Tuesday, do the elliptical on Monday and Saturday and do the treadmill on Wednesday and Friday. I will take Sunday off however if it is nice out I might go hiking or bike riding depending on the weather. My second goal is to not pig out on Saturday night. We are going out to dinner for a friends birthday then back to his house for cake. The restaurant is a Italian restaurant, what would you choose from this menu?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Another gain

I had another gain today on the scale. I expected it seeing I have been eating like crap and not exercising. I did get control yesterday and had a successful day staying within my points. I also went to the gym and did the elliptical for 53 minutes. I usually do 50 minutes but I am trying to up it to an hour little by little. I am going to spinning class tonight which will be fun. I almost had a moment of weakness today. They brought in cookies and for a minute I thought yummy I will have one I can't stick to my points anyway but then reality hit in & I said NO I will stick to my points and I will do this. I have to keep control and continue on this journey.

Friday, September 4, 2009


I am happy we have a long weekend, I am happy my good friends are getting married on Sunday, I am happy I have the love and support of my family and friends, I am happy I can walk without getting tired and out of breath, I am happy I am no longer a slave to the TV, Most of all I am happy I took better control of my life and lost 56 pounds. I am looking forward to loosing another 30-40 pounds and all the happiness that lies ahead.

Last night I made it through spinning, it was much worse in my mind that actually doing it. I am going to commit to going to spinning class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Spinning was such a good workout and fun. I burnt 700 calories in an hour woo hoo.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Going on day 5!

Today will be 5 days in a row that I have exercised! I am committing to exercising 5-6 days a week. Not that I will stop at 5 days but I will do at least 5. Tonight I am going to spinning class. I am a bit nervous as I have not been in a few months but I think I will be ok. The diet is going good I managed to stick to my points yesterday however I was so hungry all day long. My stomach needs to get use to less food and more fiber.

On another note I am reading this great book by a follow blogger The Amazing Adventures of Diet Girl. I love the book I can relate to so much she has gone through. I highly recommend it.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September 1st

Boy how the time is flying by. Sorry I have been MIA for so long. I have been extremely busy at work and at life in general. I am committing to blogging again. We had a wonderful time in the Dominic Republic, we went snorkeling with sting rays & sharks, horseback riding on the beach, zip lining and kayaking. It was such a wonderful vacation. Now I am back to the real world.

I wish I could grab a hold of a healthy lifestyle and stick to it. I have been yo yoing with the same weight for 2 years now. How am I ever going to reach my goal if I can not stay on track? I will do great for a week then fall off and do horrible for a week. I know 99% is mental and I need to get my head into it.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Summer or Winter?

What time of year do you think is harder to stay eating healthy and sticking to exercise, summer or winter? I always thought winter because of the holidays, parties and it being so cold, however I am beginning to think summer is harder. Between vacations, family visiting and the heat I am having a hard time staying on track. I have managed to exercise everyday so far this wee. This morning it was a struggle but I did get in 40 minutes on the treadmill. My eating has not been as good as I would like. I have not gone on any binges but I have gone out to eat quite a bit more then I should be. I just realized the wedding I am in is in less then a month and I have not lost as much as I would like to have, actually I am not sure if I lost any.

Monday, August 3, 2009

15 Days

I am going to exercise everyday for 15 days. Day one was Aug 1st and day 15 will be the 15th. I will be going away on vacation on the 15Th, I did check the resorts web site & they have a full gym so I will be able to exercise on vacation that way I won't lose my Mojo. Last week was just a total loss. I did not exercise one day & I ate like crap. I am back on track now. I got up & went to the gym at 4:30 this morning. My family is in town for almost 2 weeks visiting and we went to the Cape this past weekend. I did manage to get in some exercise on Saturday & Sunday by walking/jogging. But I made horrible food choices. I must remember this is a lifestyle change and you don't take a vacation from your life. This week I am going to the gym each morning at 4:30am, and sticking to my point!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lost my mojo

I have lost my mojo and really need to get it back. I have not exercised in 3 days and I have eaten like crap. The worst part is I have no desire to exercise or eat healthy. I am craving all crappy food. I have only 2 weeks till my vacation and I am not going to fit into my clothes I wanted to. At this rate I won't even fit in the clothes I am wearing now.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Not a good weigh in

I totally screwed my self for weigh in. Friday night I went to a Jack N Will & drank way to many glasses of wine. When I got home I was so hungry I ate not one but 2 bowls of pasta with butter and lots of salt. Needles to say on Saturday morning I did not have a good weigh in. I gained 2.4 pounds. I am so upset with myself for ruining all my hard work for the week with one bad decision. I have accepted my fault and moved on. I will not let it get me down, and no more alcohol till my vacation!.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Going Strong

I am still going strong. I am going on day 3 of exercise (which I will do after work) and I have not eaten past 8:30 since Sunday. Not eating after 8:30 is kind of hard because we eat dinner between 7:30-8:00 most nights, so I did not get to have my evening snack last night. I guess that is a good thing, not that my snacks are all that bad it is usually a ice cream pop or Jell-O something that is 2-3 points. Yesterday for exercise I did a new video that I bought off eBay. It is Jari Love extremely ripped. It was a good workout I sure sweated a lot. The video was about 40 minutes with abs. (you can choose between 2 30 minute workouts or 1 hour long, I started with the first 30 minute one). I then did the treadmill for 25 minutes. Today I will go to the gym after work.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday already?

How can it be Monday already. The weekends just fly by. I made my first week goal of working out 6 days. I think taking a set day off, in my case Sunday helps me. I know I have to work out every other day if I take Sunday off. Other times if I just say I will work out 6 days a week then everyday I am like should I take today off? This week my goal will be to exercise 6 days and to not eat anything after 8:30 pm.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Woo Hoo

Woo Hoo I lost 4.2 pounds at weight in today. It was for a week and a 1/2 but I am so happy. I was feeling like I had lost some weight & I am happy that all my hard work is paying off.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Happy hump day.

I so did not want to get up and come to work this morning, but I did. I am happy to say my eating/exercising has been right on the last 3 days. Yesterday I went to the gym and did weights (I am already sore) and the elliptical for 30 minutes. I then went home & took Ben (my dog) for a walk. I told my husband I am not cooking much red meat for the next month. We are going to have chicken and pork. He was not happy at first but he got over it. I am really trying to eat more healthy filling foods. I already stopped buying the 100 calorie packs, so for snacks we have fruit, almonds or fiber one bars. I also made some sugar free Jell-O this week, it is really good and only 10 calories per serving.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I have heard of having an anchor to help with motivation. I am now sporting a bracelet that will be my anchor. I am expecting the bracelet to remind me of my goals & what I want to achieve. So far it has been working (but I have only had it on for 1/2 an hour). Yesterday I went for a walk at lunch, went to the gym for 50 minutes on the elliptical, did some abs then went for a walk last night. My eating yesterday was right on. I even had 2 extra points so I had a glass of skim milk. Tonight I am either going to do weights or a spinning class.

Monday, July 13, 2009

The final count down

It started out with 4 months to lose about 20 pounds before my vacation. Well it is now only a month away and I think I lost 1-2 pounds. Not the way I wanted it to go, but it is my own fault. Yesterday started my month of being strict. I am not going to make or accept any excuses. I will exercise 6 days a week and I will stick to my points. I really want to be able to fit into the clothes that fit me 2 years ago. I need to fit into them or I will not have enough clothes to bring with me on vacation. I am still debating on buying PX90. I think it will be good but I really only want it for the weight lifting parts. I think I am good with the cardio I do now so I am not sure it is worth it. I did order a weight DVD off eBay the other day it is by Jari Love. I hope it is good.

Friday after work I decided to dust the cobwebs off my bike & give it a ride. I went to a bike trail I have never tried before. It was so hilly, I was ready to give up after 10 minutes, but I did not I did the whole trail which was 9.75 miles. It took me about 1 hour 15 minutes ( with a stop at a fruit/veg stand). I ended up burning a little over 600 calories. I was very happy I stuck to it & gave the hills a licking. I am defiantly going to try to start blogging more often. I think it keeps me in check.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Exercise rocks!

First off let me say I am sorry I have not been posting as often as I would like to. I have gotten so busy at work I have actually had to work overtime. I do not like to work the 40 hours I have to never mind more but hay the work is not going to do it self.

I have been doing good with the exercise but not so hot with the food. I really have to get on the food wagon & stick to it. I went to Weight Watchers on Wednesday and was down 2 pounds. (ya me) However since then I have not stuck to my points. Saturday I got my but kicked at the gym, usually class is 2 hours but he went over by 15 minutes. I burnt over 1200 calories then I went home & mowed the lawn. (trying to burn some of the 12,000 calories I probably at on Friday). My membership for the personal training classes ran out on Saturday so I am on my own. I am going to see how it goes on my own for awhile. If I am not doing well I will re join. It is just so expensive. I am thinking of getting PX90, anyone have it or tried it? Give me your

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Wednesday's results

I had a good weigh in last night, lost 2 pounds. I was happy with that seeing we went camping and I did not get in as much exercise as I would have liked to. Now I just have to get through all the 4Th of July parties this weekend.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


This past weekend my husband, Ben (my dog baby) & I went on our first camping trip. It was nice & relaxing even with the rain. We got to the camp site on Friday in the rain, not a great way to start out. We got wet & our tent got wet. Saturday was a beautiful day we went hiking & relaxed then came more rain for Saturday night. We left bright & early Sunday morning (we were sick of the rain). I did manage to stay on program & get in a bit of exercise while camping which is huge. I did not bring any junk food because what you don't have you can't eat.

I only have 3 more sessions with the personal trainer then I will be on my own. I have decided not to sign up again, it is just so expensive & I have not been seeing the results I have expected. I saw more results when I was doing more cardio. I can always change my mind & re sign up at a later time. I will have to come up with a new routine by next week. I only have a little over a month before my trip so I have to get with the program. I did get in 30 minutes on the treadmill last night. I have a goal to do at least 20 minutes of exercise 6 days a week.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

60 Day challenge pictures

I finally have the pictures for the challenge. I wore snug fitting clothes so you can get a true picture of all my lumps & bumps. In 60 days the lumps & bumps will be smaller. I had another good day today, I got up at 4:30 & did the treadmill for 50 minutes & my eating was right on target. I even got up the nerve to go to weigh in tonight. I did not gain as much as I thought but I did gain 1.6. No more gaining in the future.
Warning avoid looking at the pictures if you have a weak stomach.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Day 2 of challange

I am on day 2 of the 60 day challenge. I did good yesterday with my eating but I did not manage to fit in any exercise. I am also on track today and I did get in an hour of exercise. I am off to bed in about 30 minutes so I can get up early and do the treadmill before work. I will take and post the picture tomorrow. I need my husband to take the picture & he is out for the evening.

My eating/drinking this weekend was way off as I thought it would be but I did have a great time. I managed to get up on Friday morning and go for a run. It was really nice, I ran for 40 minutes.
Here a a few pictures from Lake George.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Did someone say challenge?

I love a challenge and have decided to join the Missouri 60 challenge . Tony AKA the Anti Jared is giving a challenge for 60 days to see how much you can change. I am starting on Monday and will commit to the full 60 days. No excuses. If I have to go out to dinner or If I am going to a picnic or party I will choose wisely. I am in if for the full 60 days. I will post a Picture on Monday & then one in 60 days to see how far I can get.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Sorry I have been MIA for the past week. I have been so busy at work I have not had anytime to post. We now have a new home computer so I will be better at posting and get some pictures up in the future. I went to Weigh in on Saturday and lost 2.6 pounds, the bad thing is I have been off program since Saturday. We are going away this weekend to Lake George with a bunch of friends and I am sure I will be drinking quit a few beers which will lead to bad food choices. I did get my but to the gym yesterday (kicking & screaming) and I did manage to get up at 4:30 this morning for 55 min on the treadmill. (40 of which I jogged). My plan is to also get up tomorrow morning to exercise. I hear there is a park near the hotel we are staying at so I plan on jogging in the park also. I will be back on track & back to posting more often starting on Monday.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bad few days

I have not had the best few days. I sabotaged myself. I could not resist the cookies on Monday and it went down hill from there. I did turn it around this morning. I got up at 4:30 & did 50 minutes on the treadmill. I am trying to eat lite today to try to offset some of the crap I ate the last 2 days. I am not going to Weight Watchers tonight I am going to go on Saturday instead. I think after next week I will start going on Saturdays. It is more convenient for me. ( Can't go next Saturday because we are going away for the weekend to Lake George). I do feel a lot better today. I don't know why I get in these funks. I will do so well for a while then bam it hits me like a tone of bricks.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Feeling good!

I have been following the program for a week & a half now and I feel good. No wait I feel great! My husband thought it would be nice to go out to dinner last night but I said no I am making dinner. My made dinner was a much better choice then I would have made had we gone out. Today was so busy I still have 8.5 of my daily points left. I am not one to have so many point left after dinner, not sure what I will do with them. I was so busy today I just did not get hungry. I went to the gym for the 2 hour training class. ( I burnt 1002 calories). Then when I came home had some steel cut oats. I then decided to be a nice wife and mow the lawn. (looks good if I may say so). I then decided to have some Britta time, so I sat in the sun and finally finished my book. ( I got a lot redder then I thought I would). After resting up I helped my husband finish staining the deck. Then off to eat dinner, I made a roll up with a whole wheat tortilla, chicken breast which I heated up in hot sauce, Some blue cheese crumbles, lettuce & tomato, It was yummy. I also had some broccoli & chips & salsa with it. I did get some snacks in today of watermelon and an apple. Tomorrow I will do the treadmill & I hope to get in a game of tennis. (not good at tennis at all but I am trying to learn). Hope you all have a great weekend.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Weigh in results

Sorry to have to post run but I wanted to let you all know my results for the week. I lost 4.8 at weigh in last night. Go me! Have to run but wanted to share the news.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Thanks for all your support

First I would like to send out a thank you to Mae Flowers at A Journey to Thin for mentioning me in her blog. Second I want to thank you all for your support. I love to read all your blogs. I get so much inspiration from you not only by reading what you have to say but also by the wonderful comments you leave me. Thank you, you are all so supportive and I truly appreciate it.

I had another successful day yesterday. I even tried to get in more filling foods (fruits, vegetables, high fiber foods) and I think it helped. Usually I have a snack around four o'clock and yesterday I was not even hungry for my snack. Today after work I will go to my exercise class for a much needed butt whipping. Not sure how I will do at weight in tomorrow night but I am hoping for a loss of at least a pound.

Monday, June 1, 2009

What are you proud of today?

I am always writing about the things I have done that I regret, such as not exercising or going off on a binge. Today I want to hear what you are proud of. I am proud that I got up at 4:30 to do the treadmill. I am also proud that I have stuck to my eating plan today. Another thing I am proud of is that I went through the weekend without using all my extra & activity points. ( I did use all the extra but not all the activity). Now let me hear what you are proud of.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Back to meetings

The good news is I went back to Weight Watchers meetings last night. The leader is a riot. I think I will like going to her meetings. The bad news is I gained five pounds since my last weight in which I think was two weeks ago. I deserve every one of the five pounds. I ate like crap for 2 weeks & did not exercise much at all.

Yesterday went well I stuck to my points and hit the treadmill for 45 minutes. I was so glad I got up yesterday morning & did the treadmill because let me tell you I would not have done it last night. Tonight I have my personal training class we are doing upper body again. We did upper body on Tuesday & my shoulders and back still hurt, but it is a good hurt. Tomorrow is my husbands birthday so I am taking the day off, it is really nice to only work 3 days this week. I think we are going to hit the casino , he wants to eat lunch there so I have to watch what I order. I think chicken will be a good choice.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


4:45am that is the time I dragged my big ol but out of bed this morning to do 45 minutes on the treadmill. I said I would do it & I did. I ended up get up 15 minutes later then I wanted to thanks to that dang snooze button. In the past I might have just said I can not get in the time I want so I will skip, but not today I did it. I think it will get easier to get up in time.

So I am going back to Weight Watchers meetings tonight after work. They have the at work program here at work but you can not use the monthly pass & I like to buy the monthly pass because it includes e-tools which I love so I have to go to meetings after work. I would prefer going on Saturday mornings but with the personal training class I can not get there. I also went back to my personal training class yesterday after a weeks vacation. (I was only on vacation from exercise). It felt great to get back.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I am making a commitment for 2 months. My plan is to commitment fully to exercising at least 5 days a week & eating right for 2 months. I think if I can stick to it for 2 months It will become like second nature and I will want to continue after the 2 months. That is my plan & I am sticking to it. I will start going back to Weight Watchers meetings this week. I will not go over my points (the daily & extra weekly). I will get an exercise plan in place and I will stick to it. Today has gone well & so far no cravings. I am really tired today but that will not keep me away from the gym. I wish I could go in the morning but with having to be at work at 7am and the Personal training class being 6-7 there is no way I can make it. I can do the treadmill in the mornings on Wednesday & Friday. I think I might try that is week.

Goals this week:

1) Stay within my allotted points
2) Go to the gym 3 days
3) Do the treadmill 2 days

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Something's got to give

As you can probably guess by my disappearance for about a week I am not doing so well sticking to the program. Something has got to give. I just can not get in the groove. It is like I have given up. I can not stop eating & I have no desire to exercise. I have been so busy this week getting ready for our Memorial Day picnic, I spent all day ( from 8am till 7pm) staining the deck & I have so much more to do.

I am making a commitment to get back on track on Tuesday. I am going to re join the Weight Watchers meetings & get back in the exercise grove. I just do not stay on track with out going to the meetings. I have a hard enough time when I go I don’t need any more excuses. I am so disappointed in my self but still can not seem to get with it.

Friday, May 15, 2009


I am happy to say I can see my collarbones. Now most people would not get excited to see collarbones, however mine have been in hiding for so long I am just so happy to get a glimpse. I am also starting to feel my hip bones, only when laying on my side but hay at least I can feel them. It shows a sign of improvement.

I have been back on the exercise and eating right wagon since Wednesday. I plan on sticking with it. No excuses I just have to do it.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

In a Funk

I am in a funk. I was so motivated last Wednesday then it hit the fan. I have been horrible with my eating since Wednesday night. I did manage to go to the gym on Saturday for the 2 hour training class but I did not have the ump. Sunday I woke up & felt the urge to do the treadmill. I jogged for a little over 3 miles & did a total of 4 miles however my eating has been so off. Today at work we are having a pot luck & I am sure I will not do good again today. I can just feel it. I am hoping the season finale of Biggest Loser will motivate me to get back on track & stay on track. I have the personal training class tonight & I will go & try to get with the program. I don't know why I eat so bad, it does not make me feel any better. It makes me feel worse. I usually get a stomach ach, feel tired & don't want to do anything. So why do I do it? I truly believe it is all mental. I just need to get my mind in the game.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wednesday weigh in

I was up .6 at weigh in today. I am not stressing over it because my eating was not on point this week. I don't think I tracked at all. I did not go over board but I did not track. Back to tracking today.

I love to watch the Biggest Loser, It is so inspiring to me. Last night the challenge was to run a marathon. I knew Tara, Helen & Mike would do it but I really did not think Ron would be able to do it. Well he sure surprised me he finished it. I was thinking of trying a half marathon in October and kept going back & forth , should I shouldn’t I? The other day I was like who am I kidding I can not even run 3 miles & I am thinking of doing a half marathon so I had decide to give it up. That is until last night. Ron inspired me, if he can do a marathon with all his health problems & aches I can do a half. I am going to do it! Even if I can not run the whole thing I will finish.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Is the weekend over already??

Why do the weekends fly by so fast and the week days go by so slow. Let me rephrase that, the work hours during the week day go by so slow. It seems like it was just Friday & here it is Monday already.

Friday night I went to a spinning class, it rocked I don't think I have ever sweated so much in my life and I burnt over 600 calories. Friday night my husband and I went to Chili's for dinner,we were so hungry we ordered chips & salsa. That was a big mistake, I probably at 600 calories in the chips alone. Saturday in my personal training class remembering the chips is what kept me pushing along. Every time I wanted to quit I remembered the chips I needed to work off. It really kept me going, not that I would recommend eating so many chips. We ran for 1.25 miles on Saturday after an hour of doing weights, I thought I would die the last .25 miles but I pushed through. Then we did another 45 minutes of circuit training. It felt great. Yesterday I did not get any exercise in, I spent the day cleaning. I usually take Mondays as my day of rest but I will count yesterday as my day of rest instead & hit the treadmill after work.

Friday after work I decide to go shopping, I thought I have worked hard & lost some weight, I will go buy some new clothes. Well I could not find anything & the things I did find looked horrible. I really need to stay focused so I can buy some new spring/summer clothes that will look good. Or better yet fit into some of the stuff I already have that is a bit to small. I have about 4 pairs of pants that are a bit to snug that I would love to fit into by June 1st. That is my new mini goal. I have been doing great with the exercise I just need to do great with the food.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Weigh in

This is not the official Weight Watchers weigh in due to I missed my meeting yesterday to fill my jury duty obligation. I did not get picked for the jury (I think it would have been interesting to serve on a jury) but I did get out earlier then I would have had I gone to work. Seeing I got out early & it was such a beautiful day out I took Ben (the most amazing dog in the world ) for a 50 minute walk. Every time we walked by the car he would look at the car & stop as if to say can we go home now. Anyway back to the topic at hand. Now this is not official as I was not able to weigh in on the Watchers scale but I weighed in this morning on our Biggest Loser work scale it read 196.6!! That is a 5.8 lose since last Wednesday. Now it could be because last week was that time of the month or that I had a lot of salt & now it is gone but I don't care I am at 196.6 yoo whoo!!! I am going to be extra good this week so I am not disappointed next week when I weigh in on the official scale.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Here are the progress pictures I promised. Let me know what you think.

Here are some pictures of me now in my wedding dress from 5 years ago

Looking forward

I am looking forward and no more looking back. I am not going to dwell on my past failures, I am looking forward to great accomplishments. Often times I do not stick to my points & stop tracking or I will eat bad for a day & say why exercise I already ruined the day. Well no more, If I eat something that puts me over my points I will not allow it to get to me. I will not use it as an excuse to eat bad for the rest of the day or week. I will get right back on track. Looking forward will help me visualize my goals and were I want to be. I did not make the best food choices on Saturday night & Sunday night but I got right back on track yesterday. Most weekends I do bad then blow it until Wednesday, this is why I have not lost as much as I would have liked to by now. I am in it for the long haul.

Monday, April 27, 2009

What a weekend

This weekend was very busy. I was outside all weekend and I have the sun burn to prove it. I had Friday off from work so I could work on the landscaping at our house. Friday I was able to landscape the right side of the house, I think it came out really well. I will post pictures tonight or tomorrow. (our home computer is not working so I have to use my husbands laptop when he gets home from work). When we first moved in we had bushes in front of the house but they were all over grown & the looked like crap so we tore them out, Fast forward 4 years & I finally said we really need to do something out front it looks like crap. We were debating hiring someone to landscape it but I decided to give it a shot. I put down the weed paper stuff, mulch & planted a 2 dwarf pines, 2 rhododendrons & a rose bush. I also put in some solar lights, a bird bath & my mini flag. It looks really good. We also started the left side, we had to put in a boarder with bricks, hardest part was getting those dang bricks in a straight line. After what felt like 5 hours we got the boarder all set. I put down the weed paper, mulch planted and few more bushes. I ran out of mulch so I will have to finish it up tonight. It was so hot this weekend I must have earned a lot of AP (activity points) with all the sweating & gardening I did.

Exercise this weekend was good. I did not end up doing any on Friday because I was so sore after all the gardening. Saturday I went to the Personal training class ( I was actually debating on skipping it). We did an hour and a 1/2 of going through different stations then after we were exhausted we went outside & ran a mile. The first to laps I thought I would die but then I felt better & made all 4 lapse, I was the last one to finish but I finished. Sunday we did the March of Dimes walk which was 3.5 miles. I walked most of it but I did run some of it.

Food this weekend was not the best. I went out to eat a few times & did not make the best choices. I think the food is my biggest struggle I need to get a hold of.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

One down the rest of my life to go

One successful day down. I made it through the day yesterday staying on program. I ate healthy, did not go over my points & I exercised for 50 minutes. I walked/jogged on the treadmill. I jogged for 30 minutes & walked the rest for a total of 4 miles. I was thinking I have to take this journey one day at a time, but I really think I have to take it one minute at a time. I can start out the day so confident that I am in it to win it then the next minute I am binging & sitting on the couch. I really need to stay focused & think before I eat. That is just what I am going to do, think before I eat & think really hard before I don't exercise. I will ask my self why am I not exercising today? Is it a good reason or am I just being lazy? I am sure 99% of the time it will be because I am being lazy and that will not be a good enough excuse. I will also think before I eat. Am I eating because I am hungry or is it for another reason? I will also post some progress pictures this weekend, I know I keep saying it but I really will.

PS thank you all so much for the nice comments yesterday!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What went up WILL come down

So as expected I had another bad weigh in. Up 2.4 pounds in 2 weeks. However I will get it down next week & I will stay under 200 once I get there. It seems that I get under 200 & then I sabotage myself, I can not seem to stay there

Monday, April 20, 2009

Such a GREAT weekend

This weekend the weather was just beautiful. The weatherman had rain scheduled for Saturday afternoon thru Sunday but it did not rain at all. It was sunny & warm, the perfect weekend weather wise. Friday we went for a 3 mile walk, I then went to the personal training class & then decided to stay for the spinning class. After class I had such a headache & I felt sick to my stomach, I think I over did it. But it felt great! I was going to skip the 2 hour personal training class on Saturday seeing I did 2 hours on Friday but I decided to go for the first hour, I ended up staying the whole 2 hours. I was proud of myself for doing the whole 2 hours. After class I did yard work for 3 hours. I was so sore Saturday night. Yesterday we had a Christening to go to, I said to my husband I am only going to eat salad & fruit don't let me eat anything else. I stuck to it. The only fruit they had was chocolate covered strawberries so I did not have any fruit but I did have salad.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Ready for a good weekend

I am so ready for the weekend. It is going to be in the 70's today, we have not hit the 70's in 6 months. I am so excited to get outside in the fresh warm air. Today after work ( I get out at 11am on Friday's) I am meeting some friends at the trail for a walk then we are having a picnic. The choice was between Mexican food or a picnic. We decide the picnic would be a much healthier choice. We are each going to make something to bring, I made a nice salad. Tomorrow after the gym I will do some much needed yard work. The only dinning out I will do this weekend will be on Sunday. We are going to a Christening were there will be a brunch afterwards. I will scan the food choices first then make a healthy selection. If the weather is nice on Sunday I would like to go for a bike ride. I have not been biking in almost a year probably. I bought a new bike last year & did not get on it as much as I should have. I don't know who invented the 40 hour work week but that does not give enough time to do all the activities I would like to do.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Weigh in

We did not have our official Weight Watchers meeting today because the leader that comes to my work is on vacation. I was thinking of not even bothering to weigh in seeing I would be weighing on a different scale but I decided to do it. According to the scale I used I gained .4 this week which is a lot better then I thought I did. I have decided to keep a calendar at work to cross off all the days that I stay within my points. I also have a calendar at home on my fridge where I write my exercise & activity points. I think seeing the visual will help. I have also put a picture of my self when I was at 250 by my computer as motivation. I just need to do it & not get off track.

I am doing the walk for March of Dimes in 11 days, it is a really great cause. If you would like to sponser me just click on the link above. Thanks for all your support.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Candy Cookies oh my!!

Why can I not get on track & stay there? I get on track for a few days, in some cases a few weeks then boom I go way off. Sometimes I can resist the hardest temptations & other times I make temptations for myself. I have been off track since Friday night. I have eaten everything in sight. I have not worked out since Saturday. I will be going to the gym tonight but I feel like such a failure. I wish I could just get back on track & stay on track. I think I will make some sort of calendar to count down the days I stay on track. Maybe if I have a visual I will be less likely to go off the wagon. Today is a new day & at least I am not waiting till weigh in day to get back on track ( that is what I would have done in the past). They are getting us pizza today for lunch at work (my favorite) but I don't even want it. I have a stomach ach from all the candy/cookies I have been eating. You would think I would not even want them seeing how they make me feel. I guess it is like a bad relationship, it makes you feel bad but you continue to go back for more.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

A beautiful day

Today is such a beautiful day & I am stuck at work. At least I have a nice window to look out & see the clear blue sky. It is suppose to be about 66 degrees out today & I won't have any time to enjoy it. I might be able to sneak in a quick walk tonight after the gym if I get home at a decent time, but with my luck it will already be getting cold by then. I would have gone walking at lunch but I forgot my sneakers & I am wearing a cute new pair of shoes that are wrecking havoc on my toes. Why do cute shoes always hurt & the ugly ones feel great?

Yesterday I finally got back on the treadmill for 45 minutes. I jogged for 35 of the 45 minutes. Today I am going to the personal training class for a good butt kicking. Tomorrow I am off from work if it is nice out were are going to go for a hike if not I will either do the treadmill or go to a spinning class. The spinning class is at 6:45 am & I would like to sleep in but if I am up I will go. I will try to take some progress pictures this weekend.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Not so bad

Weigh in today was not as bad as I thought it would be. I would have thought with all the bad eating I did Saturday thru Monday I would have gained weight but somehow I managed to lose .4. I will take it & be happy. Yesterday I felt ill almost all day. I finally felt better at about 2pm. I ended up eating grapes, a slim fast, cereal & bagel yesterday. I feel so much better today mentally & physically. Tonight I will be hitting the treadmill for a much needed workout.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What did I do????

I have such a stomach ache, I am so bloated my fingers feel like they are going to pop & I know why. I did not do the treadmill yesterday I went home & pigged out. Now I am paying for it. I feel like crap and it is all my own fault. The food I pigged out on was not even that good, so why did I continue? The good thing was my husband ended up throwing out the rest of the Lindt so I did not eat any of that but I made up for it with peanut butter chips mixed with peanuts & some chocolate chips. They went in the garbage this morning. My weigh in tomorrow will not be good, I went on the scale yesterday before my episode & I had gained over a pound so with this I am sure it will be more. Today I am going to drink 1 cup of coffee then water all day. I am going to try to clean out my system with fruit, vegetables & protein shakes. I don't even feel like eating at this point. Here is to a better day.

Monday, April 6, 2009


I failed at my goal not to eat out for a month. Not only did I fail but I did it with a bang. Yesterday started off fine I was on track trying to make up for some of the bad eating I did on Saturday night. My husband, Ben (the dog) and our friends Mike & Pablo went for a hike. I thought it was a way to hang out & get some exercise, (that was the only smart decision I made). So we went for a nice hour long hike then Someone said lets go out for pizza on the way home. Now I should have said no but I did not. You know I love pizza & my guard was down so I went. Not only did I have 5 pieces of a small pizza but I also had a roll & 4 pieces of garlic bread. I could not just stop at that I also went home & had about 6 or 8 Lindt chocolates. (soooo Yummy). I hope my husband remembered to bring them to work today so I don't eat anymore. I have been back on track today with my eating & I am going to try to squeeze in at least 20 min on the treadmill tonight. I am going to try to do another month with out going out to eat starting today.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

New ring size

For the past year I have not really been wearing my wedding rings because they are just to big. I did get a ring guard about 5 months ago but that was not comfortable. So I finally went & got my rings sized. They went from a 8 to a 6 1/2. The only bad thing is when the re sized my wedding ring they had to take away some of the engraving. The engraving use to say BLB & CMV 11/01/03 now it just says BLB.

Today the personal training class was canceled due to they were doing a fund raiser for Parkinson's disease. They had different classes on the hour from 9-2. I got to they gym for 11 & took a spinning class. It felt so good to go back to spinning. I really should make it a part of my weekly exercise plan. I think I might wright up a weekly exercise schedule. Anyway back to the gym. After the spinning class I was a bit worn out but I thought I can keep going. If this was the personal training class I would be here for 2 hours. So I took a Hip Hop class. I am way to old for that. I can not do half those moves. I did try & I did keep up but I felt like a goober. After hip hop I did the elliptical for 10 minutes & did abs. I had a great workout today burning a little over 1000 calories.

This evening some friends came over to watch the Uconn game, they lost but it was a good time. I did not do so well with my eating. Actually I did horrible. I had the mentality that I burnt 1000 calories & I usually do better on the scale when I have one bad meal so I went for it. Now I feel of bad. I should have controlled my self, I fell as though all the work I did at the gym today was a waste. I probably ate the 1000 calories in about 5 minutes. Tomorrow is a new day & will be a better day. Actually I did not wait till tomorrow I stopped the bad eating about an hour ago.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

A better day

I feel so much better today. I know I should be happy that I lost yesterday and I am, I just felt let down. I have decided I can not go into a weigh in with expectations, every time I do I get let down. I am just going to stick to my healthy eating & exercising & go with the flow. Even if the scale is not nice I know I am bettering my life & feeling so much better.

I went to input my weight into the weight tracker on Weight Watchers yesterday & when I put my weight in 200.2 it popped up saying I lost 2.4, I was like what I lost .4. So I look at the book & sure enough last week I was at 202.6 & this week she wrote 200.2 which is 2.4 lost. Not sure if she subtracted wrong or wrote down the wrong weight this week but I would like to think it is the weight. I weighted in for the Biggest Loser At work last night & the scale said 199.2 so I am thinking she subtracted wrong. We will defiantly find out next week.

When I got home from work last night I was so tired. I so did not feel like going on the treadmill. So what did I do? I sat my but on the couch had a snack & watched Law & Order SVU (taped from Tuesday night)., After the show I did get my butt in gear & got on the treadmill for 45 minutes. I ran 25 of the 45 minutes & it felt great. I don't know why but for me thinking about exercising & getting ready is so much harder then doing the exercising itself. I always am so glad I did the exercising & I have to think of that when I am tired & not wanting to exercise. I did not get to take any pictures last night but I will try to this weekend.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I could just cry

I feel like crying, I don't understand why I am not losing more weight. I weighted in today & lost .4 not even half a pound. I thought working out with a trainer & not going out to eat would help me lose weight faster not slower. I think I lost weight faster when I was going out to eat & just doing cardio. I am just so upset. But I will not let this get me down. I think I will try to do a bit more cardio (I have kind of slacked a bit on that) & I am going to eat all my exercise points. So if say on Monday I earn 4 exercise points I will eat them on Monday & so on. I am going to see how that works for me. I am also go to throw in a morning snack. I have kind of stopped having a morning snack unless I am really hungry.

I wonder if because I am doing more weight training I am retaining water & that is why the scale is not being friendly. I will try to take some progress pictures tonight & post them later this week. That way you can tell me if you are seeing any difference. I was going to post new pictures every month but seeing it has taken me 2 months to lose 10 pounds I have not . I think instead of every month posting pictures I will every 10 pounds.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Not so bad

Happy Monday!! It is a nasty rainy Monday here in CT, It is days like this I don't mind coming to work. So the weekend was mostly good. Friday after work I decided to go hiking with my friend Pablo & Ben (my dog). Ben just loves to go hiking. We went to Sleeping Giant park, I had never been before, It was a steep climb up but it felt great. It was a nice hike, next time I will bring my camera so I can post some pictures. We thought we would burn about 300 calories on the hike but to my amazement we burnt over 400 (according to my heart rate monitor).

Saturday I went to the 2 hour personal training class, it was great we did a lot of leg & arm work then 45 minutes of high impact aerobics then abs. A great workout all around. When I got home I started my spring cleaning for about 4 hours then I was pooped, my back was hurting so bad I had to put a heating pad on it. Sunday I did more cleaning, I was a bit sore on Sunday morning from Saturday's workout but the more the day went on the better I felt. Some friends came over for dinner last night & I made a pork roast out of the Biggest Loser Family cookbook, it was sooooo yummy. I would recommend it.

I did great with my eating all weekend until last night. I was not very hungry yesterday so I did not eat much, then when the friends came over I went overboard. I ate peanuts, chips, dip, then dinner. I made a low fat peanut butter pie for desert & I had that & some fat free ice cream. The pie was 330 calories with being low fat so I defiantly went over my daily points but I am still good with my extra weekly & all the exercise points I earned.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Ready for the weekend

I am so ready for the weekend. I get out of work at 11am this morning & it is going to be around 66 degrees out today. I am torn do I go bike riding or do I take Ben (my dog ) hiking? I am not sure which I will do yet. I will probably go hiking so I can take Ben. I could take him bike riding with me, last year I bought one of those carts for the back of your bike to put a kid in & I put Ben in that, however I don't think he likes it very much. This weekend I am going to do some much needed spring cleaning. The good thing about that is it keeps your mind off food & you are getting some activity in.

Last night in my personal training class he had a bunch of different stations set up & we went Through them all 2 times. Boy was it hard, but I did burn 700 calories. I really like that class, it is something different almost every class & it is such a great workout. I wish it was longer then 3 months. I could buy another 3 months but it is so expensive I will have to see where I am at money wise when the time comes. Hope you all have a great weekend. ( my computer at home is broken so I probably won't be writing this weekend).

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I will not let this bring me down!!

Last night I said to my husband, I think I am going to have a big lose tomorrow at weight in. My clothes are feeling looser, I ate healthy all week, I did not go out to eat once & I still have my exercise & most of my weekly points left. I was feeling so confidant this morning, looking forward to seeing a number under 200. I step on the scale & the leader is like good job, I got all excited then she says you lost .8 almost a pound. Well that just totally burst my bubble. I know I should be happy it was a lose, but when you do everything right & see such a low number it is upsetting. Especially seeing the week before I went out to eat 3 times & lost 1.6 pounds. I just don't get it. I will not let this get me down however. It will just push me to work harder so next week I have a bigger lose. I just went & weighed in for the Biggest loser competition & that scale said I lost 2 pounds, that is more of what I expected. I don't know why the 2 scales are so different. I wonder if the Weight Watchers scale could be off. The leader does cart it in & out of the office every week, It could make the calibration off. I don't know. I do know I am feeling lighter & better & that is what I should focus on & not the number. (but I just can't help it).

Monday, March 23, 2009

Not a bad weekend

I think this is the first weekend in months that has gone by that I still have 19 flex points & 15 activity points left. I feel that I had a great weekend food wise, I also got in over 10 activity points on Saturday. Saturday I went to the 2 hour personal training class. It was great! I sweated so much it was pouring down my face. We stated off with the warm up then on to a lot of butt work ( I am feeling it) and arms/shoulders. The 2nd hour was all cardio & I actually kept up through the whole class. Saturday afternoon I convinced my husband to go hiking with me & Ben (my dog). We went on a nice hike to Southford Falls, It was so nice to get out & go hiking. Ben & I really enjoyed it, I don't think Chris (my husband) enjoyed it that much. On the way down I took him on a steep trail that he did not enjoy. I am defiantly going to make hiking part of my life. Sunday was ok, I did go over my daily points but stayed with in the flex/activity. I did not get in any real exercise but I did clean for like 6 hours. I made the most amazing lunch. I made a Panini out of an Arnold sandwich thin, cheese, turkey, & little barbecue sauce & a bit of I can't believe it's not butter & grilled it on the George Foreman grill. It was so yummy, I would highly recommend it.

I made my goal last week of exercising 5 days out of 7, this week I will exercise 4 out of 7 which is still within my goal (4-5 days a week) but I should have done 5. Oh I almost forgot, I had a huge Non scale victory last night. Our friends called to see if we wanted to go out for pizza. Now pizza is my weakness, I love love love pizza. But we declined, it did help that we are not going out to eat for a month, but usually when we try that we give up with in a week. We are now one week into our month.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Only a week

Do you think you can actually feel a difference in your body in only a week? I have been working out with the personal training group for only a week & I swear my body feels different. The scale said I lost 1.6 pounds this week but I must say my pants are feeling loser & I feel thinner. I think this class is really working. I have also been eating really healthy this week which I think is also helping. I think not going out to eat for a month is really going to help me.

I have been reading a lot of blogs this week that talk about binge eating. Not that I am glad other people go thru binge eating like I do but it is nice to see I am not the only one who struggles. I have been binge free for I think 3 weeks now & I feel great. I hesitate to say it but I don't even have the binge cravings. I look forward to my snacks of fruit & yogurt, & seeing how healthy I can eat. I think when I am in binge mode I just zone out, I don't even pay attention to what I am eating as long as it is getting shoveled in. I remember times when I would go to the store not sure If I wanted cookies or chocolate or both. I would not even wait till I got home most of the time & just scarf it down on the ride home. I hope I never go back to that way of binging. I am working hard to control it & I will succeed at it.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday Weigh in!

Isn't weird how you can weigh one amount on one scale & over a pound more on another. I went to my meeting today & I lost 1.6 pounds. I am happy with that, I went out to eat 3 times this weekend so I will take it. I then weighed in for the biggest loser contest at work & according to that scale I lost 1.8 pounds. I know not much difference in the actual pounds lost but one has me at 203.4 & one has me at 202.2 which is over a pound different.

I went to the personal training class yesterday, it went well. I need that butt kicking workout he gives. I didn't' burn as many calories in this class as last week but I think that is because we did a lot of lunges & stationary weight training. I have to remember you burn more calories after a weight training session. Tonight I might take off or I might do the treadmill. I want to do the treadmill but I don't want to over due it & then crash. So I will make up my mind when I get home.

Monday, March 16, 2009

2 Hour workout

Saturday was my 2 hour work out with the personal training group. The first hour was mostly high intensity cardio. I did OK, I had to modify the jump n jacks a bit but other then that I kept up. After the first hour he asked who was staying for the 2nd hour. I did not know there was an option but it did not even cross my mind I stayed. The 2nd hour was interval training, he had all these different stations set up & we went from one the other after I think a minute. It was hard but again I kept up. After class the trainer came up to me & said I did great & that he was impressed. That made me very happy. Yesterday I woke up to a sore body. Well not the whole body mostly my calves. Must have been from the jump in jacks or the mountain climbers. I did not end up exercising yesterday but tonight I plan on doing the Biggest Loser Yoga DVD & maybe some treadmill. Tomorrow is the personal training class again.

Food wise I did not do so well this weekend. I went out to eat 3 times. Friday night we went out to Outback for my friends birthday. We did not get any appetizers & I did not drink any alcohol which is a plus. I stayed in my points on Friday night. Saturday night we went to On the Boarder & I did not do so well. I had chips & salsa ( I think they have the best). Then I got a Chicken burrito & rice, planning on only eating half, well that did not happen. Then yesterday we went to The Wooden Tap, I did better then I usually would. I would usually get a burger & I got the chicken sandwich instead, however I was so hungry I did eat chips & salsa again. That is it for restaurant eating for a month. My husband & I decided to go one month with out eating out at all.

Friday, March 13, 2009

A Big thank you!!

I would like to thank all the followers of my blog for the support you give me. I remember when I started this blog I thought of it as a way to be accountable for my eating/exercising. You all have made it so much more for me. I was so happy when I had 5 followers then when it went to 10 I was like oh my maybe one day I will get to 25, when that day came I was so excited & proud. Now the count is at 32 can you believe it? I sure can not. Maybe someday I will reach 50! So thank you all so much, I love reading your blogs & thank you for reading mine.

Last night my friend Pablo & I went to meet with a personal trainer at the gym. We ended up taking his class (after I did 15 minutes on the elliptical). The class was an hour long class of weights for the upper body, a bunch load of squats, lunges push ups & the dreaded jump n jacks ( the girls 00 do not like to do jump n jacks). I sweated so much my knees were sweating. I ended up burning over 800 calories between the class & the elliptical. We really enjoyed the class so we signed up for a 3 month session. It is with a group so it is cheaper but the group is people at your level. The classes are Tuesday, Thursdays & Saturdays. The class is an hour on Tuesdays & Thursdays & 2 hours on Saturday. I think it will kick my butt where it needs to be. I am a bit scared for the 2 hour class tomorrow but I will survive.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Personal Trainer

Not sure if I mentioned it or not but I convinced a couple friends to do a 1/2 marathon with me in October. I have bee wanting to do a half marathon for some time and so I mentioned it & they all agreed to join me. I have been wanting to do it for some time & decided this would be the year. I have 7 months to train for it and I will need every last day. Tonight one of my friends & I have a meeting with a personal trainer at the gym to see about hiring him to train us. I am a bit nervous to see what he will have planned for us.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The brownies did me in!!

I think the brownies that I caved in & ate on Sunday did me in. I went to weight in today thinking I did pretty good this week. I still had points left, did not eat any of my exercise points & exercised 5 days, I should lose at least 1-2 pounds. What happened you ask I did not lose, I gained .2. Now I know that is not much but any gain is going in the wrong direction. I knew I should not have had the brownies & that is probably were the gain came from. Another theory I have is maybe I did not eat enough of the good food. I did get 20 exercise points in & I probably should have eaten more to make up for it. Not sure but I am going to try to eat more on the days I exercise this week & see if that helps.

I used my new treadmill last night (even with the hurt hip, had to get in my last chance workout) let me tell you it is so much better then the old one. I can actually hear the TV without turning it up to the max. It is so much quieter & keeps the speed so much better. I got in a good 45 minute work out running about 35 of those minutes. Boy did I sweat, it felt great. I stretched a bit after, my problem is I don't know what stretches to do. Any ideas would be helpful. I am taking today off from exercise, Hoping to get my hip all better, It does feel a bit better today but I think I need a rest.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I am almost at another week totally on program! Tomorrow is my weight in day & I have been on program all week. I still have 11 weekly points left & 12 exercise points. I don't see me using any of my extra points today, and I should get in a few more exercise points tonight. My hip is feeling a little better I took Doug's advice & tried to stretch last night with my new Yoga DVD. I really enjoyed doing yoga & the DVD was great, I would recommend it. You can choose between 3 different routines depending on how long you want to go for. I am going to try out my new treadmill tonight. I ended up getting the ProForm XP Trainer 580 from Sears. It was not as easy to put together as the reviews say but it got done.

Monday, March 9, 2009


Yesterday I (this is a bad pic but whatever) ran the Shamrock n Roll 5K road race. I started out kind of shaky. I was not sure if I would be able to run. Friday I went to the gym and wanted to see how long it would take me to run the 5k. Somehow I hurt my left hip. I did not end up doing any exercising on Saturday hoping it would be better by Sunday, well it wasn't. I did end up running most of it, the odd think is that when I was running it did not hurt so much, when I walk is when it really hurts. For some reason during the race I was so very thirsty, my mouth was so dry it was hard to run. Running outside feels a lot harder then the treadmill. I finished the race in 39.38 minutes which is not to bad for me. I wanted to finish with in 40 minutes and I made that goal.

Food wise I did not do to bad this weekend. Saturday we ended up getting pizza for lunner (my combination of lunch/dinner) I did end up having 4 pieces but it was both lunch & dinner. My pizza had tomato & onion on it so I could get in a few veggies. Sunday we went to a brunch after the race, I brought fixings for yogurt parfaits so I had some of that & some fruit, I did not have any of the quiche, muffins, Danish or bagels. Last night we went to a fund raiser pasta dinner. Now I did not do good at the dinner with having had 2 brownies, but somehow I managed to still have 11 weekly points & 9 exercise points left after my weekend so all in all it was not too bad of a weekend. The real test will be on Wednesday at weigh in.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Treadmill shopping

Yesterday I had planned to go to the gym with my friend Pablo however at the last minute we decided to skip & go treadmill shopping. We went to Sears to check out a few, they had a couple that we tried but I was not going to buy last night ( my husband would not be happy if I bought with out him checking it out first). The lady at Sears was nice & all but not very knowledgeable. We then went to Sports Authority, At first I was getting kind of frustrated as nobody seemed to be around to help us. After awhile I went & found help. The sales associate was very knowledgeable & was able to answer all our questions. Pablo ended up buying a treadmill, I did not. I wanted to research a bit more & bring my husband. (which is huge for me, I am very impatient & usually impulse buy). So I did some research this morning & I am leaning towards a model at Sears the ProForm XP trainer 580. Does anyone have one?

So the weekend is upon us & that is usually when I do not do so well with my eating. I do have a few obstacles this weekend but I will overcome them. Sunday we are doing a 5K then going to a friends for brunch, then Sunday night we have a pasta dinner fund raiser to go to. I think I will be ok, wait no I know I will be ok.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Updated weight tracker

I updated my weight tracker to include the weight I have lost since I began Weight Watchers back in September of 2005. (boy has it been that long). I originally started the weight tracker about 2 months ago & used my starting weight at that point, but why cheat my self? I have come a long way & want to show it. I would have thought I would be at goal by now but I have not been dedicated. My goal is to reach goal by this September. I am going to set mini goal to keep me on track, each mini goal will lead up to the big goal. My mini goal for this month will be to get in at least 4-5 days of exercise a week.

I am in search of a new treadmill. Mine has pretty much kicked the pail. Does anyone have any recommendations on a good, sturdy treadmill that is not too expensive? I am thinking of spending between $500 & $700.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Weigh in results

I am so very happy with my weight in results, can you believe I lost 5.2 pounds this week. I guess sticking to the plan does work. I was a bit worried because I only exercised 2 times this week, on Sunday & Yesterday. I lost more this week then I do when I exercise 6 days a week. That make me think maybe I should cut down my exercise, maybe I am over exercising. I will have to do an experiment.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Feeling better.

I feel so much better this week, I am not hacking up a lung & my nose is no longer stuffy one minute then dripping the next. I finally got back on the treadmill on Sunday for 55 minutes. I did a five minute warm up of walking at 4.1 then jogged at 5.5 for 25 minutes, then walked at 4.0 with an incline then I did sprints. I actually ran at 7.0 for a minute. According to my heart rate monitor I burned 646 calories. I think the interval helped.

I did not get in any exercise yesterday as I am taking Monday's off. We did get snow yesterday & goober me did not call work to see if we were opening at regular time & wouldn't you know I get in at 7am to find out we are not opening till 9am so I was there 2 hours early. I was not happy!! When I got home I had to snow blow the driveway which was so much fun….NOT. The snow kept blowing back into my face. My face & legs hurt so much from the snow it took an hour to warm up.

I am doing good so far this week with my points. I still have 21 points plus my exercise points left for the week, along with my daily points. I did not get in much exercise this week but I am somewhat happy with my food so I am praying to see a loss on the scale at weight in tomorrow. I am still having trouble getting in my fruits & vegetables however. Any suggestions??

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Not the best but not the worst

Today I was watching this burger challenge on the food channel & the burgers looked so good I got a craving for a burger. The husband & I had some errands to run today that took a lot longer then they should have. We ended up going to Chili's for dinner. I did get a mushroom Swiss burger for 26 points & I ate about 10 fries for about 6 points. The burger was so worth it & I did have the points so I went for it. Now usually when we go to Chili's we start off with the chips & quaso and I have a beer or 2. Today We did not get the chips & quaso & I did not get the beer. It is the little things that count.

I am feeling so much better then I have been so I am going to get back on the treadmill tomorrow. I bought new sneakers last Friday & have not tried them out yet. I must say I am excited to get back to the exercise. I slept so late this morning (late for me on a Saturday). I went to bed at about 11 last night & did not get out of bed till 10:30 this morning, I did take the prescription cough medicine last night so that must have been what helped me sleep. I did not end up eating breakfast till 12:30 so it was more of a brunch then breakfast. So I only had Steel cut oats & Chili's to eat today. I did not get in any fruits, vegetables (except the mushrooms on the burger) or any dairy (again unless you count the cheese). I am going to focus on getting in my fruits, vegetables,& dairy the rest of the week.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rude people

Why do people have to be so rude? I just finished reading a blog from 24 steps to go...My diary to a healthy lifestyle! & I can not believe what happened to her. You must check it out, but the jest of it is she was shopping & collided with a guy & he called her a fat cow. How can people be so mean. That is just unacceptable. I was also watching Tyra yesterday & it was about overweight teen girls. I felt so bad for the girls & could totally relate. I was overweight as a teenager and went through the same things they are going through. Being called names, having limited if any friends. I absolutely hated high school. I don't think there was a day that went by that I was not picked on in some way. As I got older the name calling slowed down then eventually stopped, but the hurt is still there.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Undeserved loss

Sorry I have been MIA for the past week, but I have been so sick. I have an upper viral infection & the doc says I probably won't feel better till next Friday. What is up with that? I can not wait that long to feel better. I am feeling about 10% better each day so hopefully I will be back in the swing of things by the weekend.

So last week at weight in I gained one pound. I was not expecting a gain. I thought I would lose about a pound as I had exercised a lot & did well eating except 2 days but I think I was still within my weekly/exercise points. I was a bit disappointed. Well this week with being sick I have not exercised at all (unless you count moving the remote up & down exercise) & I have been eating all kinds of crap. I was actually thinking of skipping the meeting today & having a week to try to lose some of the weight I was expecting to gain. However I said to my self you did this to your self & you have to own up to it. How will you really know how well you do this week if you don't know where you are today. I went to the meeting & I can not believe it I did not gain any weight, instead I lost .2. I am not considering this a success because it was so not deserved. I don't know how I could have lost. So I am back to staying with in my points & counting everything that passes my lips (do I count cough drops?) I might not get back to exercise for a few days as I am still sick as a dog but hope to be back in by the weekend.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Sick & Unmotivated

I am sick!! :( I have a horrible cough, runny nose & now my throat is starting to hurt. The good thing is I have a follow up appointment with the doc today about my leg so maybe she can get me better. One would think with being sick I would not want to eat, well that is far from the truth. I have been eating & eating & eating. I not fruit & vegetables. I weighed in on Wednesday & did not lose any weight I gained a pound. Now I did not think I did that bad last week. I only messed up one day & I exercised a lot. So on Wednesday I had big plans to stay totally on program this week & have a big lose next week. Well that has been shot to hell. I am hoping to get back on track this weekend so I am not so embarrassed on Wednesday. I don't think I will be exercising today because I could barely get out of bed to come to work. Yes I came to work sick, but l only work 4 hours on Friday & I left early yesterday so I had to come in. Hopefully I can get back in the swing of things on Saturday.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Food triggers

Do you know what foods trigger your cravings? I have never really thought about it much but I think I will start. I am begging to think breads, sweets & my most favorite pizza are trigger foods for me. Saturday night we went out to dinner for Valentines day & I had a roll then we had bruchetta and what happened? Sunday I had cravings for more bread, salty food & sweets. I ended up having a few pieces of chocolate, some chips & pizza on Sunday, ( I only had 2 pieces because I made it & it was just not all that good). I thought my cravings would be over, little did I know it would just get worse. I already told you about my pizza catastrophe on Monday, well yesterday I am just sitting here at work working away & a big craving hit me like a ton of bricks. I had my lunch so I was not hungry but all of a sudden I was like I would like some chocolate. The angel & devil on my shoulder start arguing. I am tired maybe I will skip the gym & go home & pig out. This goes back & forth for about an hour. So finally I say no you can not pig out you have to weight in tomorrow, but you really want the food. But did I really want it or is it something else? I am not sure what else it is, maybe boredom. So what did I end up doing you ask? I talked my self out of the fridge & got myself to the gym. I did 50 minutes on the elliptical, when I got in my car after the work out I said out loud to myself I am so happy I came to the gym. So my new theory of exercising to ward off cravings worked for me again yesterday. Today is weight in day & I am not expecting a big loss but I am hoping for at least a loss.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Is 30 better then nothing?

When I exercise I like to do at least 45 minutes. I know in the past I have said I have to do at least 20 minutes of exercise but I hardly ever do only 20. I don't know why I have this mentality that if I only do a little it is not enough, but I know a little is better then nothing. So last night I got home from work to find out we have been invited to a friends to watch the game & get pizza. Now I love, love , love pizza. So I was in (even though I have to weigh in tomorrow & I had not exercised yet other then a 10 min walk with the dog). I went saying to my self I will only have 3 pieces at the most. Well that went to hell. The slices were really small & I ended up eating 6 pieces, some Tostitos chips & a pudding (fat free) parfait. I felt like crap after eating all that, not because I was full, because believe it or not I did not even fell full, but because I eat so much & I had not exercised. I felt bad but not bad enough to have bad thoughts in my head. Well I screwed up I might as well go home & eat more crap. Then the mind starts in on what do I have at home that I can have? Should I stop at the store? So I left, on my way home I had a reality check. No you will not stop at the store you will go home & get your but on the treadmill. So instead of eating more when I got home I did the treadmill for 30 minutes so yes 30 is defiantly better then nothing in more then one way. I think I might try that, when I have bad thoughts to get up & do some exercise & push the thoughts out of my head.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

I fell great!!!

I feel so good, This morning I was planning on going to a yoga class. I thought the class was at 8:30, I over slept & did not wake up till 8:20. I decided to check the schedule & noticed it did not start till 9, so I got ready & went. I don't usually do yoga because the class is an hour & a half long & I usually only burn about 250 calories. So my thinking is that it is so not worth it. However at the doctors yesterday they said I should stretch my leg so I figured I would give it a try. Well I did only burn the 250 calories but it was great. I liked doing the yoga, I could not do some of the poses but I am sure I will get better. Best of all my leg feels so much better. Now that could be from taking the anti inflammatory but I like to think it is from yoga. So after yoga I decided to do the elliptical for about 1/2 an hour but I set it for 45. I ended up doing the whole 45 plus the 5 minute cool done then I did another 3 minutes to get me to a total calories burnt of 800. I think tonight I will have a glass of wine at dinner seeing I did so well today. Hop you all have a great romantic Valentines day. My husband sent me an Edible arrangement yesterday with a balloon so I have some yummy fruit to nibble on.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Not much going on

Not much going on today. I did finally go to the doctors today about my leg hurting. They did not do much, gave me a prescription for anti inflammatory & I have to go back next week. I hope this works & the pain will go away. They might send me for physical therapy which I do not want to do. I did go to Spinning last night & had another great workout. No exercise today other then taking the dog for a walk this morning & this evening. I am trying to rest my leg a bit but I need to exercise to lose weight. Tomorrow is Valentines day, I hope you all have a great one. We are going out to dinner with a few friends. I have never been to the restaurant but hear it is good. I hope I can find something healthy to eat that I will like.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Yet another potluck

Today at work we are having another potluck. It seems as though we have one every week. I am usually very good, I will bring something in but not eat anything. Today I did not even bring anything in. I was not to tempted however someone ordered buffalo wings & they are smelling so so good. I will not have any but the smell is overwhelming. I have my lunch in 45 minutes & I am going to go outside for a walk. When I come back I will have my healthy lunch that I brought.

I have a plan ( I know another plan) I am going to take Ben (My dog/baby) for a short walk in the mornings & a longer walk in the evenings (weather permitting of course). Ben & I went for a nice walk last night & I even stuck to the plan & got up 15 minutes early today & took him for a short walk. I think he was shocked, he enjoyed the walk but was happy to get back in bed with daddy when he got home. I did not end up going to zumba or the doing the treadmill last night. I went for a long walk then exercised on the Wii with my fitness trainer for 30 minutes. I then did 30 minutes on the Wii fit. I wore my heart rate monitor for all of it & according to it I burnt 400 calories. Not as many as if I did the elliptical or ran on the treadmill but you have to mix it up so you don't get bored. I have also been doing well with the eating. I have stayed within my daily points & have not had any binging thoughts. Lets hope that stays away.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Weigh In day

So today was my first official weigh in at the Weight Watchers at work program. I was hoping to lose at least 2-3 pounds seeing I was far from perfect this weekend. How much did I lose you ask, 5.2 pounds. Yes I am doing the happy dance. I am so happy to have lost 5.2 pounds in my first week back. I know it will slow down from here but I am hoping to lose at least 2 pounds a week. I went to the gym last night & did 40 minutes on the elliptical then about 10 minutes of weights. I really have to come up with a good weight routine. I am really considering a personal trainer, I will have to inquire about it at the gym. Tonight I might go to the Zumba class however I might do the treadmill at home. I have to start training as I am doing a 5K in March & I wanted to be able to run the whole thing or at least almost all of it. The thing is my leg has been hurting & it really hurts after I walk for a while so I have been holding off. We will have to see how I feel when I get home.

Monday, February 9, 2009


Is not what I heard at the casino, we did have a great day however. We did a little gambling then we went & had lunch. We went to Margaretville, now they did not have any healthy options on the menu except maybe fish but I do not like fish. I ordered a Bacon cheeseburger & onion rings. Such a bad choice but it was so good. I still had almost all my Dailey points & about 1/2 of my weekly points left so I did not go over. After lunch we did some window shopping then back to the slots. Last night we when we got home we were pooped so we ended up ordering calzones for dinner, now that put me into the rest of my weekly points plus all my activity points except 1. I do have today & tomorrow to earn some additional activity points so that the scale will not be up on Wednesday. Wouldn’t that suck to go to my first weigh in at work & to have gained instead of losing.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The good & the bad

The good is we had a great time at dinner last night. We got to see some of our friends that we have not seen in a few months. Our friends John & Stephanie brought the new baby with them, her name is Lainey & she is just 2 weeks old. She is so tiny & cute. I did pretty good at dinner, for appetizers I had mostly carrots, peppers, & cucumbers I did have a little dip with them. I also had a croissant thing with cheese. In the past I probably would have had about 3 or 4 of them, last night I only had 1. I did not drink anything except water. (former Britta would have had at least 5 or 6 beers). Dinner was so good, they made a beef tenderloin, it was so moist it just melted in your mouth. I did go over a bit over on the beef I had 4 pieces, it was just so good. I had some roasted red potato's, corn bread & the vegetables I brought. The vegetables were good, it was green beans, onions, garlic, & summer squash roasted then topped with a reduction of balsamic vinegar.
Now for the bad, They had a birthday cake for me & I had some. I did not eat the whole piece but I did eat all the frosting. I also had one of the low fat cupcakes I brought. I Did mange to stay within my extra weekly points so I don't think it will disrupt the scale to much, but I do wish I had better control. Today we are heading out the the casino & I am sure we are going to be eating out at some point so I just have to remember to make wise decisions.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Girls day

Once a month my 2 girlfriends & my self get together for lunch or breakfast, we do this to keep in touch. We have been friends since high school & started doing this about 2 years ago. Anyway today was the day to go out, I did not really want to go out to eat because we are going out tonight to another friends for dinner & we might be eating out tomorrow also. So I had an idea to get our nails done instead, that way we would still have the social aspect but not the eating out. It worked, we had a lovely morning of being pampered with manicures, pedicures, eyebrow waxing & chatting.

Tonight we are going to our friends house for our monthly dinner club, I am making a vegetable & I also made, low fat cupcakes to bring. Usually I would make some high fat item to bring, then once I was there I would probably not follow the program. Tonight I am going to follow the program & still have a good time. I mean it is a lifestyle change right. Tomorrow is my birthday & I think we are going to spend the day at the casino, (send me wining vibes) I am sure at some point we will have to eat but I will still eat healthy. Well I am off to the gym now to do the elliptical.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Let me just say spinning class tonight kicked my ass. But I loved it & I will definitely make it a part of my exercise week. In about 10-15 minutes of the class I was really struggling, I was out of breath & already starting to sweat but after that 15 minutes I felt a lot better.

I was good with my eating today also. I did go over by 1/2 a point but that is why we get the extra 35 a week & the activity points. I took the before (which are really progress from my highest weight) pictures tonight. Don't look at the hair, after the gym I was freezing so I thought a hot shower was in order, I did not do my hair because I am just going to bed so why bother.

Boy my butt is wide, well actually my whole body. But I am working on it. I think I will post update pictures once a month because a picture is worth a lot.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Today I am back on track. Today was a very successful day. I re joined Weight Watchers Through the at work program & I went to the gym. I usually do the treadmill or elliptical at the gym & sometimes weights, however tonight I took a Zumba class. I did take it a couple times before about a year ago, I forgot how much fun it is. I think I will make it my Wednesday night exercise. I am going to try to do the spinning class tomorrow night. I think mixing up my workouts will be good for me.

Now for the bad news, with my unhealthy binge eating last week I managed to gain another 5 pounds. So now I have even more weight to lose before my trip. But you know what I am going to do it. I am going to stick to it. I will stick to my points & exercise at last 5 days a week I am going to aim for 6 but I will do at least 5. I am also going to take some pictures of my progress. I will have to take my starting pictures tomorrow as I have already changed into my PJ's & forgot to take them before.

Monday, February 2, 2009

False start

As you can probably guess from me not blogging that I have not started Weight Watchers yet. I got into work on Thursday to find out they postponed the Weight Watchers at work program to this Wednesday due to the storm. So what did I do you ask? I got it in my mind that I am free for another week. I have eaten so bad all week & right now I am eating a bagel with cream cheese. It is like I know it is coming so I have to eat everything in sight before Wednesday. That is so not a good way of thinking. Not only have I been eating bad but I have not done any exercising since Wednesday. I did paint the bathroom this weekend which could be considered some exercise with going up & down the ladder & the movement of painting, but I don't . I will be back on Wednesday with all good food & an exercise update.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

1st day back to Weight Watchers meetings

Not sure If I told you but they are doing a Weight Watchers at work program. I decided to sign up, I seem to follow the plan so much better when I attend meetings & with the meeting being right at work I have no excuses not to go. Today was the first meeting, however I missed it because I did not go to work. We had yet another snow storm today & I do whatever I can not to drive in it so I took the day off. I did still start the plan today on my own & I am looking for a lose next week at weight in. I am excited to be back in the swing. For exercise today I did the Wii Fit for a little over an hour. I am really starting to like it a lot. I don't think I get nearly as good a workout as I do on the Elliptical or treadmill but it is fun & I am moving.

Food for today
Breakfast=Steel cut oats with 1/4cup Fiber One & Orange
Lunch= Salad & Turkey muffin
Snack=Greek Yogurt with 1/4 cup peanut butter puffs & apple, Granola bar & Hot chocolate
Dinner= Turkey, sweet potato & corn (I ate 1/2 then remembered to take a pic)

Friday, January 23, 2009


I did some weights at the gym today. I am not sure how much I should be lifting & for how many reps. I did the machines & a few free weights, I did 2 sets of 15 reps not sure if that was enough. I want to feel the burn & I don't think I did on most of the exercises. I really want to hire a Personal trainer for a few sessions but it is so expensive. I think I am going to try to save up for it. I also did a warm up on the treadmill for 10 minutes then after the weights I did 50 minutes on the elliptical. I ended up burning 750 calories at the gym today go me. I think Fridays will be my long day at the gym, I get out of work at 11 am so it gives me pretty much all day so no excuses. I also have new motivation, we are going on vacation in August to The Dominican Republic to an all inclusive resort. I don't want to feel so self conscious in a bathing suit so I really need to stick to the workouts & good eating.

Food for today
Breakfast= Steel cut oats & an apple

Lunch= Special K protein bar ( I was out and about all day & had to eat on the run)

Snack= Pineapple & cinnamon raisin bread & Hot chocolate

Dinner= Subway turkey on wheat no cheese with lots of veggies & baked lays ( baked lays & processed turkey so not clean eating I am sure)