Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Sorry I have been MIA for the past week. I have been so busy at work I have not had anytime to post. We now have a new home computer so I will be better at posting and get some pictures up in the future. I went to Weigh in on Saturday and lost 2.6 pounds, the bad thing is I have been off program since Saturday. We are going away this weekend to Lake George with a bunch of friends and I am sure I will be drinking quit a few beers which will lead to bad food choices. I did get my but to the gym yesterday (kicking & screaming) and I did manage to get up at 4:30 this morning for 55 min on the treadmill. (40 of which I jogged). My plan is to also get up tomorrow morning to exercise. I hear there is a park near the hotel we are staying at so I plan on jogging in the park also. I will be back on track & back to posting more often starting on Monday.


Mae Flowers said...

Great job on the loss! Remember that this a lifetime change and little slip ups along the way will not make you gain all of your weight back. You're doing great!

Learning to be Less said...

Woohoo for 2.6 pounds. On vacation, I find you just need a little exercise to help balance things out. For example, placing the cooler of beer farther away so you have to walk longer to get one.

Every little bit counts, right?

Katschi (Karen) said...

40 minutes running???
Holy moly, you've come a long way since I've been gone from blogging.