Monday, April 25, 2011

I think I have a sugar hangover

I have been away for quit sometime and I have missed you all. I have fallen so far off the wagon the good thing is I am ready to pick myself up. Yesterday was not a good day who am I kidding this year has not been good. I gave up sweets for Lent and yesterday I think I ate more sweets then I would have if I had been eating them all along. I feel like total crap today. I am so disappointed in myself. I have not been able to stick to healthy eating and I have not exercised regularly since September. I think my first fall came last March with the passing of my mom. I have just been in a funk since then. I am ready to put all my disappointment behind me and get back on track. I really need to make a lifestyle change. I am going to get back to exercising and eating healthy. Tonight I will take a picture and post as my new starting point. I found in the past blogging really helped me to stay on track so I will be writing more regularly now.

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