Wednesday, November 19, 2008

First Official Day

So today will be the first official day of my new life style. I am going cold turkey with the sweets. I packed my breakfast (Steel Cut Oats) & my lunch (Salad with Soup). I also have a bunch of fruit for snacks.
Yesterday I ended up finishing out the day way better then it started. I was tempted to have some ice cream last night but I did not. I did make it to the gym, however I went to put on my sneakers & found out I had 2 different sneakers. I could handle wearing 2 different sneakers that would be a bit embarrassing but I would do it, the only problem they were 2 sneakers for the same foot. Now that did not work so I ended up working out in my shoes I wore to work, Good thing I did not wear heels. I got in a good workout, I did 50 min on the elliptical & I went up to a resistance level of 15 for a few minutes. Then I did a few chest exercises.

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