Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Exercise rocks!

First off let me say I am sorry I have not been posting as often as I would like to. I have gotten so busy at work I have actually had to work overtime. I do not like to work the 40 hours I have to never mind more but hay the work is not going to do it self.

I have been doing good with the exercise but not so hot with the food. I really have to get on the food wagon & stick to it. I went to Weight Watchers on Wednesday and was down 2 pounds. (ya me) However since then I have not stuck to my points. Saturday I got my but kicked at the gym, usually class is 2 hours but he went over by 15 minutes. I burnt over 1200 calories then I went home & mowed the lawn. (trying to burn some of the 12,000 calories I probably at on Friday). My membership for the personal training classes ran out on Saturday so I am on my own. I am going to see how it goes on my own for awhile. If I am not doing well I will re join. It is just so expensive. I am thinking of getting PX90, anyone have it or tried it? Give me your

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Tigerlilly said...

P90X is awesome! I dont do it as often as your supposed to , but its always a super workout when I do!