Sunday, February 8, 2009

The good & the bad

The good is we had a great time at dinner last night. We got to see some of our friends that we have not seen in a few months. Our friends John & Stephanie brought the new baby with them, her name is Lainey & she is just 2 weeks old. She is so tiny & cute. I did pretty good at dinner, for appetizers I had mostly carrots, peppers, & cucumbers I did have a little dip with them. I also had a croissant thing with cheese. In the past I probably would have had about 3 or 4 of them, last night I only had 1. I did not drink anything except water. (former Britta would have had at least 5 or 6 beers). Dinner was so good, they made a beef tenderloin, it was so moist it just melted in your mouth. I did go over a bit over on the beef I had 4 pieces, it was just so good. I had some roasted red potato's, corn bread & the vegetables I brought. The vegetables were good, it was green beans, onions, garlic, & summer squash roasted then topped with a reduction of balsamic vinegar.
Now for the bad, They had a birthday cake for me & I had some. I did not eat the whole piece but I did eat all the frosting. I also had one of the low fat cupcakes I brought. I Did mange to stay within my extra weekly points so I don't think it will disrupt the scale to much, but I do wish I had better control. Today we are heading out the the casino & I am sure we are going to be eating out at some point so I just have to remember to make wise decisions.


Ron said...

Sounds like you did good, you have to eat cake if it was for your birthday!!! Each day is a new day to work on that lifestyle change!

TJ said...

Great Job! I agree...ya gotta eat your birthday cake! :)
Have fun at the casino!

:) tj

Anonymous said...

I agree you gotta have some cake. MMMMMMMMMM cake. I could just eat some.