Thursday, February 12, 2009

Yet another potluck

Today at work we are having another potluck. It seems as though we have one every week. I am usually very good, I will bring something in but not eat anything. Today I did not even bring anything in. I was not to tempted however someone ordered buffalo wings & they are smelling so so good. I will not have any but the smell is overwhelming. I have my lunch in 45 minutes & I am going to go outside for a walk. When I come back I will have my healthy lunch that I brought.

I have a plan ( I know another plan) I am going to take Ben (My dog/baby) for a short walk in the mornings & a longer walk in the evenings (weather permitting of course). Ben & I went for a nice walk last night & I even stuck to the plan & got up 15 minutes early today & took him for a short walk. I think he was shocked, he enjoyed the walk but was happy to get back in bed with daddy when he got home. I did not end up going to zumba or the doing the treadmill last night. I went for a long walk then exercised on the Wii with my fitness trainer for 30 minutes. I then did 30 minutes on the Wii fit. I wore my heart rate monitor for all of it & according to it I burnt 400 calories. Not as many as if I did the elliptical or ran on the treadmill but you have to mix it up so you don't get bored. I have also been doing well with the eating. I have stayed within my daily points & have not had any binging thoughts. Lets hope that stays away.

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Nerd Girl said...

nice job! It is good to have an exercise plan, but if you feel like changing it up by all means do it! There are so many times where i plan to go running and end up doing a bunch of random things liek jump roping and elliptical and just mixing it up. Getting bored is what makes cardio suck so if you can keep it interesting you will stick to it!

Also good job on staying away from the chicken is hard when the temptation is right in your face.