Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Is 30 better then nothing?

When I exercise I like to do at least 45 minutes. I know in the past I have said I have to do at least 20 minutes of exercise but I hardly ever do only 20. I don't know why I have this mentality that if I only do a little it is not enough, but I know a little is better then nothing. So last night I got home from work to find out we have been invited to a friends to watch the game & get pizza. Now I love, love , love pizza. So I was in (even though I have to weigh in tomorrow & I had not exercised yet other then a 10 min walk with the dog). I went saying to my self I will only have 3 pieces at the most. Well that went to hell. The slices were really small & I ended up eating 6 pieces, some Tostitos chips & a pudding (fat free) parfait. I felt like crap after eating all that, not because I was full, because believe it or not I did not even fell full, but because I eat so much & I had not exercised. I felt bad but not bad enough to have bad thoughts in my head. Well I screwed up I might as well go home & eat more crap. Then the mind starts in on what do I have at home that I can have? Should I stop at the store? So I left, on my way home I had a reality check. No you will not stop at the store you will go home & get your but on the treadmill. So instead of eating more when I got home I did the treadmill for 30 minutes so yes 30 is defiantly better then nothing in more then one way. I think I might try that, when I have bad thoughts to get up & do some exercise & push the thoughts out of my head.


carla said...

oooooh. I just filmed a video on this for tomorrow!

short answer? YESYESYES!


HollyALP said...

I think you did amazing. I've had very few moments when I've been able to turn things around. It's a sure sign of progress. Thirty minutes sounds like a fantastic work out, although I have similar feelings about it, too. Good for you!

TJ said...

Yes 30 is better than nothing. Pizza is definitely one of my biggest temptations. I guess thats why I cant be around it! lol

:) tj


Lynn said...

30 is definitely better than nothing! Congrats on getting your head back in the game and not stopping to get anything on the way home. Those mind games are hard.

Camevil said...

Hey, congrats on pulling yourself out of this. And yes, 30 minutes of exercise DO count. Especially after eating.

So, good for you!