Thursday, February 5, 2009


Let me just say spinning class tonight kicked my ass. But I loved it & I will definitely make it a part of my exercise week. In about 10-15 minutes of the class I was really struggling, I was out of breath & already starting to sweat but after that 15 minutes I felt a lot better.

I was good with my eating today also. I did go over by 1/2 a point but that is why we get the extra 35 a week & the activity points. I took the before (which are really progress from my highest weight) pictures tonight. Don't look at the hair, after the gym I was freezing so I thought a hot shower was in order, I did not do my hair because I am just going to bed so why bother.

Boy my butt is wide, well actually my whole body. But I am working on it. I think I will post update pictures once a month because a picture is worth a lot.


Tiffany said...

You go girl!!!! Keep at it and keep taking pictures so you can see the progress.

TJ said...

I have "before" pics that I HATE and I applaud you for posting yours on your blog! Keep up the spinning class...I bet Id die doing that! lol All this hard work will pay off!

Keep it up!


Ron said...

Good for you for posting those pics. You will enjoy looking back at them later on! Keep spinning!

Brandi said...

Spinning and I don't always get along but it is SUCH AN AMAZING workout!! Good for you for going :)

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work. At least you gave the spinning class a go. I doubt I'd even last half as long, I'm not very fit.