Friday, February 13, 2009

Not much going on

Not much going on today. I did finally go to the doctors today about my leg hurting. They did not do much, gave me a prescription for anti inflammatory & I have to go back next week. I hope this works & the pain will go away. They might send me for physical therapy which I do not want to do. I did go to Spinning last night & had another great workout. No exercise today other then taking the dog for a walk this morning & this evening. I am trying to rest my leg a bit but I need to exercise to lose weight. Tomorrow is Valentines day, I hope you all have a great one. We are going out to dinner with a few friends. I have never been to the restaurant but hear it is good. I hope I can find something healthy to eat that I will like.


Ron said...

Hope your leg gets better soon. Enjoy your Vanlentine's dinner!

TJ said...

Rest up that leg and you will be back strong in no time! Happy Valentine's Day!

:) tj