Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Today I am back on track. Today was a very successful day. I re joined Weight Watchers Through the at work program & I went to the gym. I usually do the treadmill or elliptical at the gym & sometimes weights, however tonight I took a Zumba class. I did take it a couple times before about a year ago, I forgot how much fun it is. I think I will make it my Wednesday night exercise. I am going to try to do the spinning class tomorrow night. I think mixing up my workouts will be good for me.

Now for the bad news, with my unhealthy binge eating last week I managed to gain another 5 pounds. So now I have even more weight to lose before my trip. But you know what I am going to do it. I am going to stick to it. I will stick to my points & exercise at last 5 days a week I am going to aim for 6 but I will do at least 5. I am also going to take some pictures of my progress. I will have to take my starting pictures tomorrow as I have already changed into my PJ's & forgot to take them before.


TJ said...

Hey there!

I really like the My Fitness Coach Wii game. When you first log on it wants to get your heart rate and they have you do some jumping jacks. I just about died. lol After you get through that part you can chose "todays focus" Yoga, cardio, upper body, core body, lower body, flexibility. You then pick how long you want to work out. Then asks you what equipment you have to use at home. Weights, stability ball, heart monitor, step bench. So far I think it is a great workout, I recommend it! :)

Ok so what is Zumba? lol

:) tj

Tamzin said...

thanks for stopping in at my blog! I'm going to enjoy a perv through your past posts!



Ron said...

Sounds like you have made your plans, looking forward to reading about your success in your weight loss!

C said...

I keep threating myself with Zumba, and haven't had the courage to join in yet. I think I am waiting for a friend.

My food choices this week have been a mix of good ones and bad ones. I have noticed that I am emotionally eating and that is never good.

I hope this week goes well and maybe some of your gain is water?!