Thursday, April 2, 2009

A better day

I feel so much better today. I know I should be happy that I lost yesterday and I am, I just felt let down. I have decided I can not go into a weigh in with expectations, every time I do I get let down. I am just going to stick to my healthy eating & exercising & go with the flow. Even if the scale is not nice I know I am bettering my life & feeling so much better.

I went to input my weight into the weight tracker on Weight Watchers yesterday & when I put my weight in 200.2 it popped up saying I lost 2.4, I was like what I lost .4. So I look at the book & sure enough last week I was at 202.6 & this week she wrote 200.2 which is 2.4 lost. Not sure if she subtracted wrong or wrote down the wrong weight this week but I would like to think it is the weight. I weighted in for the Biggest Loser At work last night & the scale said 199.2 so I am thinking she subtracted wrong. We will defiantly find out next week.

When I got home from work last night I was so tired. I so did not feel like going on the treadmill. So what did I do? I sat my but on the couch had a snack & watched Law & Order SVU (taped from Tuesday night)., After the show I did get my butt in gear & got on the treadmill for 45 minutes. I ran 25 of the 45 minutes & it felt great. I don't know why but for me thinking about exercising & getting ready is so much harder then doing the exercising itself. I always am so glad I did the exercising & I have to think of that when I am tired & not wanting to exercise. I did not get to take any pictures last night but I will try to this weekend.

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spunkysuzi said...

Ah 2.4 makes more sense!! Because i know you are working the program :) And to hop on the treadmill even when your tired, awesome :)