Monday, April 6, 2009


I failed at my goal not to eat out for a month. Not only did I fail but I did it with a bang. Yesterday started off fine I was on track trying to make up for some of the bad eating I did on Saturday night. My husband, Ben (the dog) and our friends Mike & Pablo went for a hike. I thought it was a way to hang out & get some exercise, (that was the only smart decision I made). So we went for a nice hour long hike then Someone said lets go out for pizza on the way home. Now I should have said no but I did not. You know I love pizza & my guard was down so I went. Not only did I have 5 pieces of a small pizza but I also had a roll & 4 pieces of garlic bread. I could not just stop at that I also went home & had about 6 or 8 Lindt chocolates. (soooo Yummy). I hope my husband remembered to bring them to work today so I don't eat anymore. I have been back on track today with my eating & I am going to try to squeeze in at least 20 min on the treadmill tonight. I am going to try to do another month with out going out to eat starting today.


spunkysuzi said...

Lindt chocolates do it to me everytime!!

TJ said...

It is SO hard to not eat out for a month! I can't be trusted with pizza either lol


Ron said...

It was just one meal!!! Glad you enjoyed it!