Monday, April 20, 2009

Such a GREAT weekend

This weekend the weather was just beautiful. The weatherman had rain scheduled for Saturday afternoon thru Sunday but it did not rain at all. It was sunny & warm, the perfect weekend weather wise. Friday we went for a 3 mile walk, I then went to the personal training class & then decided to stay for the spinning class. After class I had such a headache & I felt sick to my stomach, I think I over did it. But it felt great! I was going to skip the 2 hour personal training class on Saturday seeing I did 2 hours on Friday but I decided to go for the first hour, I ended up staying the whole 2 hours. I was proud of myself for doing the whole 2 hours. After class I did yard work for 3 hours. I was so sore Saturday night. Yesterday we had a Christening to go to, I said to my husband I am only going to eat salad & fruit don't let me eat anything else. I stuck to it. The only fruit they had was chocolate covered strawberries so I did not have any fruit but I did have salad.

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spunkysuzi said...

Wow you had an awesome weekend!! And turning down chocolate covered strawberries?? Your my hero :)