Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I could just cry

I feel like crying, I don't understand why I am not losing more weight. I weighted in today & lost .4 not even half a pound. I thought working out with a trainer & not going out to eat would help me lose weight faster not slower. I think I lost weight faster when I was going out to eat & just doing cardio. I am just so upset. But I will not let this get me down. I think I will try to do a bit more cardio (I have kind of slacked a bit on that) & I am going to eat all my exercise points. So if say on Monday I earn 4 exercise points I will eat them on Monday & so on. I am going to see how that works for me. I am also go to throw in a morning snack. I have kind of stopped having a morning snack unless I am really hungry.

I wonder if because I am doing more weight training I am retaining water & that is why the scale is not being friendly. I will try to take some progress pictures tonight & post them later this week. That way you can tell me if you are seeing any difference. I was going to post new pictures every month but seeing it has taken me 2 months to lose 10 pounds I have not . I think instead of every month posting pictures I will every 10 pounds.


HollyALP said...

I can totally relate to the way you are feeling, but I think you're approaching finding a solution in just the right way. Congratulations on your loss! I think any loss is worth celebrating. And things will get better. Another thing to consider is that as you start to lose more and more weight, the losses definitely lose their gusto. I would be thrilled with a 0.4 pound loss!

Ashley said...

Don't cry! It happens to everyone and you are doing the right thing by changing things up. Definitely eat those AP's. If next week you still aren't seeing 1+ lb losses, maybe you could give the "Wendy Plan" a go. It (plus new exercise) helped me through a plateau.

Keep at it!

Camevil said...

OMG, it's still a loss! Yay for you!

And you know what? That hard work is going to pay off next week or the week after. Sometimes you really did lose the fat, but water retention, slow digestion, etc. will mask a loss. Results never arrive like clockwork every week.

Keep at it, because you are doing GREAT!

Camevil said...


Start measuring yourself. I think then you'll see that things are really working.