Monday, April 27, 2009

What a weekend

This weekend was very busy. I was outside all weekend and I have the sun burn to prove it. I had Friday off from work so I could work on the landscaping at our house. Friday I was able to landscape the right side of the house, I think it came out really well. I will post pictures tonight or tomorrow. (our home computer is not working so I have to use my husbands laptop when he gets home from work). When we first moved in we had bushes in front of the house but they were all over grown & the looked like crap so we tore them out, Fast forward 4 years & I finally said we really need to do something out front it looks like crap. We were debating hiring someone to landscape it but I decided to give it a shot. I put down the weed paper stuff, mulch & planted a 2 dwarf pines, 2 rhododendrons & a rose bush. I also put in some solar lights, a bird bath & my mini flag. It looks really good. We also started the left side, we had to put in a boarder with bricks, hardest part was getting those dang bricks in a straight line. After what felt like 5 hours we got the boarder all set. I put down the weed paper, mulch planted and few more bushes. I ran out of mulch so I will have to finish it up tonight. It was so hot this weekend I must have earned a lot of AP (activity points) with all the sweating & gardening I did.

Exercise this weekend was good. I did not end up doing any on Friday because I was so sore after all the gardening. Saturday I went to the Personal training class ( I was actually debating on skipping it). We did an hour and a 1/2 of going through different stations then after we were exhausted we went outside & ran a mile. The first to laps I thought I would die but then I felt better & made all 4 lapse, I was the last one to finish but I finished. Sunday we did the March of Dimes walk which was 3.5 miles. I walked most of it but I did run some of it.

Food this weekend was not the best. I went out to eat a few times & did not make the best choices. I think the food is my biggest struggle I need to get a hold of.


TJ said...

good job on all of the exercise this weekend! Eating out used to be my biggest downfall but most places have either a menu that has healthier choices or I just make up my own dish and explain to the waiter/waitress what I want and then I dont feel so bad about dining out or skipping out on a fun time out with family/friends. :)

日月神教-任我行 said...
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