Thursday, April 23, 2009

One down the rest of my life to go

One successful day down. I made it through the day yesterday staying on program. I ate healthy, did not go over my points & I exercised for 50 minutes. I walked/jogged on the treadmill. I jogged for 30 minutes & walked the rest for a total of 4 miles. I was thinking I have to take this journey one day at a time, but I really think I have to take it one minute at a time. I can start out the day so confident that I am in it to win it then the next minute I am binging & sitting on the couch. I really need to stay focused & think before I eat. That is just what I am going to do, think before I eat & think really hard before I don't exercise. I will ask my self why am I not exercising today? Is it a good reason or am I just being lazy? I am sure 99% of the time it will be because I am being lazy and that will not be a good enough excuse. I will also think before I eat. Am I eating because I am hungry or is it for another reason? I will also post some progress pictures this weekend, I know I keep saying it but I really will.

PS thank you all so much for the nice comments yesterday!

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