Monday, March 30, 2009

Not so bad

Happy Monday!! It is a nasty rainy Monday here in CT, It is days like this I don't mind coming to work. So the weekend was mostly good. Friday after work I decided to go hiking with my friend Pablo & Ben (my dog). Ben just loves to go hiking. We went to Sleeping Giant park, I had never been before, It was a steep climb up but it felt great. It was a nice hike, next time I will bring my camera so I can post some pictures. We thought we would burn about 300 calories on the hike but to my amazement we burnt over 400 (according to my heart rate monitor).

Saturday I went to the 2 hour personal training class, it was great we did a lot of leg & arm work then 45 minutes of high impact aerobics then abs. A great workout all around. When I got home I started my spring cleaning for about 4 hours then I was pooped, my back was hurting so bad I had to put a heating pad on it. Sunday I did more cleaning, I was a bit sore on Sunday morning from Saturday's workout but the more the day went on the better I felt. Some friends came over for dinner last night & I made a pork roast out of the Biggest Loser Family cookbook, it was sooooo yummy. I would recommend it.

I did great with my eating all weekend until last night. I was not very hungry yesterday so I did not eat much, then when the friends came over I went overboard. I ate peanuts, chips, dip, then dinner. I made a low fat peanut butter pie for desert & I had that & some fat free ice cream. The pie was 330 calories with being low fat so I defiantly went over my daily points but I am still good with my extra weekly & all the exercise points I earned.

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Dina said...

The hike sounds great!