Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Another one bites the dust!

I feel like all I do is say how bad I am doing & today is no exception. I wish I could get control over my mind. I need to concentrate on not eating when I am not hungry. I was doing so well yesterday, that is until I got home. I even stopped at the grocery store on my way home to buy healthy food. I bought salad stuff & fruit. I had the intention of going home cutting it all up so I can bring a salad for lunch today. However I got home I was tired & did not feel like cutting it up. Instead I ate crackers then had Pizza for dinner. I had 3 pieces of pizza (with bacon on top). I feel like crap today, I am all bloated from the sodium & feel guilty for not sticking to my plan. I think I will try my best to stick to my healthy eating & exercise but if I go off I will not beat my self up. I am going to really try to change my life in this upcoming New Year. It is just so hard this time of year. I know this is a life style but I just can not get use to it. I did bring healthy food today to work so I should do good during the day. It is the night time that gets me. So today for Breakfast I have Steel cut Oats, I brought fruit for snacks & for lunch I have a lean Cuisine Flat Bread. 4 oz of Cucumber, popcorn & a piece of fruit. I must get on the treadmill today. (even though my foot is hurting). So hopefully tomorrow when I write it will all be good & no more bad.

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