Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bad decisions

I am embarrassed to say I have not stuck to my plan. I have such good intentions in the morning then by night it all goes out the window. Perfect example was yesterday, the day started out so well, I had steel cut oats for breakfast, lunch was a salad with chicken & popcorn, snack was grapes. Then I got home & we went out to dinner at Chili's. I should have gone to the gym like I had planned all day but no. So I went to chili's & one would think I would get something off the guiltless grill but no not me. We started off with chips & salsa ( the good part is we did not get the quaso like we usually do) then I had a mushroom cheddar burger & French fries, and yes I ate the whole dang thing.
I think I am going to try to get my exercising on track then get my eating on track. My plan today is to get on the treadmill for at least 30 minutes. Tomorrow I will go to the gym & do the elliptical & weights.
On another note I am so happy to see my followers list growing. I hope I am not boring you all with my writing. I am not the best writer but I am trying to get better. Thank you all for your support.

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