Monday, December 22, 2008

Sticking to a plan

I had a plan & I actually stuck to it. On Saturday night we had a Christmas party to go to. I had a plan to go & just eat vegetables ( I brought a Veg tray) & to have a max of 3 beers. There was so much food at the party chicken tenders, Mexican dip, cheese crackers, brownies, Cake, Beer & wine. I did not give in to my temptations however. I had 2 Bud Lights & Vegetables with dip (fat free dip). I ate some popcorn & a pear about 1/2 hour before the party so I would not be starving & boy did that help. To tell you the truth I was not even tempted by the food. So I am proud of myself for sticking to my plan.

Now yesterday is another story all together. I had no parties ( well one but it was canceled due to the snow) & nothing that should have made me go wild, but something in my mind went wacky. I had a big breakfast of eggs, English muffin & hash browns. Then the cookies were calling my name, I kept eating cookies all day long. I then proceeded to make pizza for dinner. I did not go over on the pizza, I had my usual 2 pieces but of course after dinner I had more cookies. Well now the cookies are gone, I brought the left over's into work & they are about 5 cubical away so I am not going to have any today.

Not sure how much exercise I will get in this week. With all the snow this weekend I did not get to finish my shopping so I will have to do it after work which cuts into my workout time. Plus I have to work on Christmas Eve until 4:30 then I will have to go to church & to the in-laws. We shall see how the week goes.


Ron said...

Those darn cookies have a way of doing that!!!! but I have finally trained myself.... when someone gives me a batch of homemade cookies. I freeze them and usually just eat one cookie a day....Congrats for sticking to your plan at the party!

Katschi said...

That would've been hard to avoid all those tempting foods at the party so big kudos to you for sticking with your plan!
Cookies....I just can't have them in the house. I cannot moderate my portions & believe me I've tried. MUST you have them around? Can you leave them at the store next time?

spunkysuzi said...

I find it funny that i have great will power at one event and then none at another!! But i do know that i can't have cookies anywhere near me :)