Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Years Eve

I wish you all a Happy, Healthy, Safe New Years Eve. I have continued with my unhealthy eating & not exercising. Tomorrow is a new day & a new healthy lifestyle for me. I will not let anything deter me. I know I will have struggles & temptations, but I will overcome them. The first temptation I will have will be on New Years day. We have a tradition, some friends sleep over then on New Years day we hang out all day playing games, watching TV & of course pigging out on the leftovers from New Years Eve. This year I will partake in all except the pigging out. The second temptation will be this weekend. I am going to VT with a few friends for the weekend. They have a fully stocked bar & always have yummy snacks. But I will stick to it & I will even get some exercise in as they have great hiking near the cabin (as long as it is not too snowy). I hop to go tubing also which will be great exercise climbing the hill.

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Ron said...

Hope you have a wonderful New Years eve, Sounds like you have your mind set on how to deal with New Year's day and the weekend. That's great!