Monday, December 15, 2008

It's Monday

I put myself down a lot about my eating & exercise. I eat bad & don't exercise & then feel guilty & put my self down which makes me feel worse. You would think it would motivate me to get off my ass but it doesn't. What has motivated me is a picture. I went out with some friends this weekend & we took a group photo. I did not like what I saw in the picture. Granted it was way better then what I saw 4 years ago but it was not where I want or should be by now. I am going to print that picture & carry it with me for motivation. I am sick of the yo yo lifestyle I have created for myself. It has always been my way to blame my bad eating & dieting on the situation around me instead of taking ownership of it. I will start my diet on Monday because we are going out to dinner on Friday. I will start on Monday because I have a party to go to & will not be able to stick to my healthy eating & not drinking. I will start Monday because I have already messed up this week. Well there will be no more I will start Monday's for me. I really have to focus & just do it. I have 2 parties coming up this weekend & I will not stray. I have to think of my self & what I want in the future not what I want at the moment. I have packed a healthy breakfast of steel cut oats, snacks of apple, cheddar cheese & a banana & a lunch of left over pasta (1 cup) with some olive oil & garlic & a salad. I am going to the gym after work & I will not stray today. I am taking it one day at a time. I know I might not be perfect everyday but I will not wait till a Monday if I do stray, I will get back on track right away.

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