Monday, December 1, 2008

Down but not out!

Well I did not have the best weekend food wise. I have not exercised since the race on Thursday. I have been eating all kinds of bad food & junk since Friday. I did really well on Thursday with Thanksgiving until desert. I did not do to bad. I had a small piece of pumpkin pie, Pumpkin cheesecake & apple crisp. This weekend we went to NY city to see the Radio City Rocketts. It was a great time & I did get some exercise with all the walking but the walking did not even come close to working off all the food I ate. Today is a new day & I am re committing. I will exercise 5-6 days a week until Christmas. I will try to eat healthy but I will not deprive myself of everything good. I found if I don't have a little of what I really want I end up caving & eating a lot of it.

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