Monday, December 29, 2008

Out in left field

Out in left field that is how I feel. I have done nothing but eat crap for about a week and a half. Instead of losing weight for the New Year I have put on. How much you ask, well I have no idea because I am afraid to weigh myself. This week does not look much better. I have parties to go to & throw, no time to get my but to the gym because I have to work not only my 9 hour days but I have to make up an hour for New Years because we only get 8 hours holiday pay. I have been so tired & have no energy & I am sure it has to do with the junk I have been eating. On the bright side I have not been totally sedentary. My wonderful husband got me a Wii for Christmas & a Wii Fit. The Wii fit has not come yet, he had to order it & it should be arriving any day now. I have been using the Wii everyday & boy am I sore. I must be using parts I don't use when I exercise. I am so excited to use the Wii fit I wish it was here already. I might not be writing much this week because It will not be good I am sure, however starting on Friday I will commit to a new healthy lifestyle.


Ron said...

The holidays are a tough time to get thru, but it sounds like you have a plan. Keep thinking about that plan that is going to start Friday.. it might help you make a few better choices this week!

Katschi said...

Oh, I envy you your Wii! I'm glad to hear you're enjoying yours.