Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Back in the zone

I feel much better about my food choices & exercise so far this week. I know it has only been 2 days, however I feel like I want to exercise & am not dreading it. I am also not have constant food thoughts. Yesterday was a very successful day. I stayed with in my daily points & I went to the gym. I did 50 minutes on the elliptical. I read a few magazines on the elliptical which helped the time fly by. A couple weeks ago when I was on the elliptical I was so out of breath & felt like I just wanted to get off the dang thing, but not last night I had no problems at all. I am going to the gym tonight to do weights & the treadmill. Here is my food list for yesterday.
Opps the Weight Watchers website is down right now so I can not post the food right now. I will try to later today.

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