Monday, December 8, 2008

Weekend Woos

Ok so as usual I did not have a good weekend food or exercise wise. I did not do all that bad on Saturday with the food but I defiantly went over my daily points, how much I am not sure as I did not track. I did get some movement in putting up the Christmas lights outside & walking around the Tree Farm looking for a tree but no real exercise.

On Sunday I did horrible with my eating I probably ate a weeks worth of points. Again I did not track so I don't know the real damage. We went to our friends for dinner (which was yummy) & I had a bunch of appetizers & dessert which was not the best for me to do.

I decided to have my weigh in day be Monday's, I think that may help me stay on track better on the weekend. ( well hoping it will). So I weighed in this morning & have gained like 3 pounds since the last time I weighed myself, I think that was the week before Thanksgiving. I have to get back on track & stay on track or I will end up gaining 10 pounds by New Year. I have a goal to lose 5 pounds by New Years. I just have to remember that when I am faced with poor food & alcohol. It is going to be hard with the up coming parties but I have to do it.

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Katschi said...

Yes, be determined to reach your goal!!! Everytime you resist temptation it will make you stronger for the next time. It's too hard to get the weight off in the 1st place... don't add even more work for yourself by eating crap!
Good luck!