Monday, March 16, 2009

2 Hour workout

Saturday was my 2 hour work out with the personal training group. The first hour was mostly high intensity cardio. I did OK, I had to modify the jump n jacks a bit but other then that I kept up. After the first hour he asked who was staying for the 2nd hour. I did not know there was an option but it did not even cross my mind I stayed. The 2nd hour was interval training, he had all these different stations set up & we went from one the other after I think a minute. It was hard but again I kept up. After class the trainer came up to me & said I did great & that he was impressed. That made me very happy. Yesterday I woke up to a sore body. Well not the whole body mostly my calves. Must have been from the jump in jacks or the mountain climbers. I did not end up exercising yesterday but tonight I plan on doing the Biggest Loser Yoga DVD & maybe some treadmill. Tomorrow is the personal training class again.

Food wise I did not do so well this weekend. I went out to eat 3 times. Friday night we went out to Outback for my friends birthday. We did not get any appetizers & I did not drink any alcohol which is a plus. I stayed in my points on Friday night. Saturday night we went to On the Boarder & I did not do so well. I had chips & salsa ( I think they have the best). Then I got a Chicken burrito & rice, planning on only eating half, well that did not happen. Then yesterday we went to The Wooden Tap, I did better then I usually would. I would usually get a burger & I got the chicken sandwich instead, however I was so hungry I did eat chips & salsa again. That is it for restaurant eating for a month. My husband & I decided to go one month with out eating out at all.

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