Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The brownies did me in!!

I think the brownies that I caved in & ate on Sunday did me in. I went to weight in today thinking I did pretty good this week. I still had points left, did not eat any of my exercise points & exercised 5 days, I should lose at least 1-2 pounds. What happened you ask I did not lose, I gained .2. Now I know that is not much but any gain is going in the wrong direction. I knew I should not have had the brownies & that is probably were the gain came from. Another theory I have is maybe I did not eat enough of the good food. I did get 20 exercise points in & I probably should have eaten more to make up for it. Not sure but I am going to try to eat more on the days I exercise this week & see if that helps.

I used my new treadmill last night (even with the hurt hip, had to get in my last chance workout) let me tell you it is so much better then the old one. I can actually hear the TV without turning it up to the max. It is so much quieter & keeps the speed so much better. I got in a good 45 minute work out running about 35 of those minutes. Boy did I sweat, it felt great. I stretched a bit after, my problem is I don't know what stretches to do. Any ideas would be helpful. I am taking today off from exercise, Hoping to get my hip all better, It does feel a bit better today but I think I need a rest.


TJ said...

Sorry that the scale didnt show for all of your hard exercise this past week. :( I bet you see a result next week!


Camevil said...

Ohhhh, don't sweat it. .2 lbs is hardly a gain. You probably just maintained, and with the brownies, that's about right.

You'll have a better week, see, you're already on the right track. So, no regrets.

Ron said...

I have had many surprise WI's since I started my journey... what I have found is that what happens in the long run is what counts.

Doug said... -> injury prevention has some stretches you could try. I don't know how to describe one that's helped with my knees, maybe I can find a video of it or something.