Friday, March 27, 2009

Ready for the weekend

I am so ready for the weekend. I get out of work at 11am this morning & it is going to be around 66 degrees out today. I am torn do I go bike riding or do I take Ben (my dog ) hiking? I am not sure which I will do yet. I will probably go hiking so I can take Ben. I could take him bike riding with me, last year I bought one of those carts for the back of your bike to put a kid in & I put Ben in that, however I don't think he likes it very much. This weekend I am going to do some much needed spring cleaning. The good thing about that is it keeps your mind off food & you are getting some activity in.

Last night in my personal training class he had a bunch of different stations set up & we went Through them all 2 times. Boy was it hard, but I did burn 700 calories. I really like that class, it is something different almost every class & it is such a great workout. I wish it was longer then 3 months. I could buy another 3 months but it is so expensive I will have to see where I am at money wise when the time comes. Hope you all have a great weekend. ( my computer at home is broken so I probably won't be writing this weekend).


carla said...

I love and loathe classes like that :)
Im not one to want a one on one trainer session as I like to be able to whine with friends while I go through circuits.


TJ said...

Have a great weekend! I love that you put your dog in that pull thing on your bike! Too Cute! :)


Camevil said...

Oh, I would take the dog and hike. I wish I had a dog right now. Dogs are like young children in that they have an unrestrained loved of the outdoors, and I'm like a vampire feeding off that energy this time of year. Maybe I'll borrow my neighbor's dog this weekend.