Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I am almost at another week totally on program! Tomorrow is my weight in day & I have been on program all week. I still have 11 weekly points left & 12 exercise points. I don't see me using any of my extra points today, and I should get in a few more exercise points tonight. My hip is feeling a little better I took Doug's advice & tried to stretch last night with my new Yoga DVD. I really enjoyed doing yoga & the DVD was great, I would recommend it. You can choose between 3 different routines depending on how long you want to go for. I am going to try out my new treadmill tonight. I ended up getting the ProForm XP Trainer 580 from Sears. It was not as easy to put together as the reviews say but it got done.


Doug said...

woot. I hope the stretching helps! It's the amazing the difference it makes if you do it regularly.

good luck with the new treadmill.

Ron said...

Great that you have been OP all week!

TinaMiller said...

I have to say Congrats on the weight loss to date! You and I have about the same amount of weight to lose, which I didnt realize, so it is nice to see that it can be done. You are an inspiration! I will be back often! Thank you for the motivation!

Camevil said...

Keep it going...it gets better and easier the longer you do it, no?

Good luck on the weigh in tomorrow!

carla said...

how GREAT DOES IT FEEL to be at a week (its a week this morning right?)?

have a great day. no matter what the scale says youre doing a GREAT job!!