Friday, March 6, 2009

Treadmill shopping

Yesterday I had planned to go to the gym with my friend Pablo however at the last minute we decided to skip & go treadmill shopping. We went to Sears to check out a few, they had a couple that we tried but I was not going to buy last night ( my husband would not be happy if I bought with out him checking it out first). The lady at Sears was nice & all but not very knowledgeable. We then went to Sports Authority, At first I was getting kind of frustrated as nobody seemed to be around to help us. After awhile I went & found help. The sales associate was very knowledgeable & was able to answer all our questions. Pablo ended up buying a treadmill, I did not. I wanted to research a bit more & bring my husband. (which is huge for me, I am very impatient & usually impulse buy). So I did some research this morning & I am leaning towards a model at Sears the ProForm XP trainer 580. Does anyone have one?

So the weekend is upon us & that is usually when I do not do so well with my eating. I do have a few obstacles this weekend but I will overcome them. Sunday we are doing a 5K then going to a friends for brunch, then Sunday night we have a pasta dinner fund raiser to go to. I think I will be ok, wait no I know I will be ok.


butterfly said...

Waiting and researching is probably the best option. When it comes to fitness equipment, you want to make sure what you have is reliable. It's not like it's at the gym where you have a service team to come in and fix it all the time =)

I'm such an impulse buyer too so whenever people resist, I'm impressed!

Hope your treadmill hunt results in you finding a gem =)

Lynn said...

Good luck with the purchase of a treadmill. I have not bought a treadmill but I have gone through the process of buying an elliptical. I encourage you to do a lot of research on line. There are a lot of sites that review all kinds of equipment. I just googled "reviews ellipticals" and found lots of stuff.

Good luck!