Monday, March 9, 2009


Yesterday I (this is a bad pic but whatever) ran the Shamrock n Roll 5K road race. I started out kind of shaky. I was not sure if I would be able to run. Friday I went to the gym and wanted to see how long it would take me to run the 5k. Somehow I hurt my left hip. I did not end up doing any exercising on Saturday hoping it would be better by Sunday, well it wasn't. I did end up running most of it, the odd think is that when I was running it did not hurt so much, when I walk is when it really hurts. For some reason during the race I was so very thirsty, my mouth was so dry it was hard to run. Running outside feels a lot harder then the treadmill. I finished the race in 39.38 minutes which is not to bad for me. I wanted to finish with in 40 minutes and I made that goal.

Food wise I did not do to bad this weekend. Saturday we ended up getting pizza for lunner (my combination of lunch/dinner) I did end up having 4 pieces but it was both lunch & dinner. My pizza had tomato & onion on it so I could get in a few veggies. Sunday we went to a brunch after the race, I brought fixings for yogurt parfaits so I had some of that & some fruit, I did not have any of the quiche, muffins, Danish or bagels. Last night we went to a fund raiser pasta dinner. Now I did not do good at the dinner with having had 2 brownies, but somehow I managed to still have 11 weekly points & 9 exercise points left after my weekend so all in all it was not too bad of a weekend. The real test will be on Wednesday at weigh in.


TJ said...

WTG on the race! Very cool!


Camevil said...

You ran the 5k! *high fives*

Hopefully, your hip is feeling better.

Doug said...

Nice work on the 5k!

Are you stretching a buttload? Really helps prevent injuries.

Hope your hip gets better soon. I hate being hurt..