Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Feeling better.

I feel so much better this week, I am not hacking up a lung & my nose is no longer stuffy one minute then dripping the next. I finally got back on the treadmill on Sunday for 55 minutes. I did a five minute warm up of walking at 4.1 then jogged at 5.5 for 25 minutes, then walked at 4.0 with an incline then I did sprints. I actually ran at 7.0 for a minute. According to my heart rate monitor I burned 646 calories. I think the interval helped.

I did not get in any exercise yesterday as I am taking Monday's off. We did get snow yesterday & goober me did not call work to see if we were opening at regular time & wouldn't you know I get in at 7am to find out we are not opening till 9am so I was there 2 hours early. I was not happy!! When I got home I had to snow blow the driveway which was so much fun….NOT. The snow kept blowing back into my face. My face & legs hurt so much from the snow it took an hour to warm up.

I am doing good so far this week with my points. I still have 21 points plus my exercise points left for the week, along with my daily points. I did not get in much exercise this week but I am somewhat happy with my food so I am praying to see a loss on the scale at weight in tomorrow. I am still having trouble getting in my fruits & vegetables however. Any suggestions??


TJ said...

Good job on that treadmill workout on Sunday! :)
I am a big fruit and veggie person and I guess I just add it to whatever meal Im eating. I usually have some fruit with my breakfast. I bought strawberries on Sunday so I had a cup of them Monday and I will have some today with breakfast too. A lot of my snacks are veggies. If I grab a string cheese I will also have some carrot sticks. At dinner time I usually have a salad before hand (unless I had a big salad for lunch) but it always includes some sore of vegetable as a side dish. If you are on the go try to pack up some veggie packets to take with you. I even like to make a ranch dip mix with sour cream sometimes.


Dina said...

I usually juice my veggies :)

And fruits, I'm in love with grapes and clementines.

Sounds like you're doing great!