Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday Weigh in!

Isn't weird how you can weigh one amount on one scale & over a pound more on another. I went to my meeting today & I lost 1.6 pounds. I am happy with that, I went out to eat 3 times this weekend so I will take it. I then weighed in for the biggest loser contest at work & according to that scale I lost 1.8 pounds. I know not much difference in the actual pounds lost but one has me at 203.4 & one has me at 202.2 which is over a pound different.

I went to the personal training class yesterday, it went well. I need that butt kicking workout he gives. I didn't' burn as many calories in this class as last week but I think that is because we did a lot of lunges & stationary weight training. I have to remember you burn more calories after a weight training session. Tonight I might take off or I might do the treadmill. I want to do the treadmill but I don't want to over due it & then crash. So I will make up my mind when I get home.


Camevil said...

Congrats on the loss (twice!)! You're shrinking away, steady and sure.

Sounds like you got a good workout, too. Man, I need a personal trainer. Someone to watch and make sure I'm in proper form.

TJ said...

WTG!! :)


carla said...



that is all.

Mae Flowers said...

Great job on your loss this week!