Thursday, January 1, 2009


stuck to my plan. I know the day is not over but I feel like I can really do it this time. I just have to keep it up & not slack at all. My new matto is I
Happy 2009 to all. I am happy to say I have can do it. ( I have this bracelet as inspiration) Last night we had a party & I ate so much yummy food & drank way to much wine. I actually thought for a moment as I was putting the left overs away, maybe I should start on Friday instead ( so I could continue to eat all the great food today). However a minute later I said to myself "self, no you are going to start tomorrow, the food will taste the same tomorrow as it does today & you had your fill today" so I woke up this morning with a new attitude. We had a few friends stay over so we made our annual breakfast. I ate scrambled eggs (1 egg & 1 egg white with fat free cream & cooked in Pam), Turkey bacon 2 slices, turkey sausage 2 slices & a potato. Then for lunch they all ate the fatty leftovers & I had 2 slices of chicken. I feel great that I said I was going to start Jan 1 & I did. Now I just have to get my exercise in today. Here is to a new life.

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Katschi (Karen) said...

Way to go on starting the new year strong!
I love the colour on your wall! :)