Monday, January 12, 2009

Addicted to Food

Do you think one can be a food addict? I believe you can be addicted to food. I feel as though I am. I get these food cravings and all I can think about is food & getting it & eating it just like an addict would be with a drug. Not just any food ( I wish it was healthy food) but food like cookies, chocolate, nachos & quesadillas to name a few. I am sitting here thinking of cookies right now. I was just working along & for some reason cookies popped in my head. So I start thinking who am I kidding I can not defeat this I should just go to the vending machine & buy the cookies or go to the store on the way home & buy a bag. My mouth starts to water & it is all I can think about. I have not gone to the vending machine & I have decided not to. I am writing about it instead and hoping this will make me feel better. I just read a blog by FiTCETERA ( her post has hit a spot with me, I had some crackers yesterday & ever since then I have been wanting to eat. Could that be what triggered my brain? I am going to try to start eating more clean. I did read the clean eating book & thought I would love to eat clean however I am not a big vegetable person. I have been trying more vegetables lately. I am going to try to start out slow by substituting one clean food for a processed food a day. I will let you know how it is going. I know this post is all over the place but I must say I am already feeling so much better.

Now on to yesterdays mess. I started the day off good with my eating. Then lunch came around I was going to just have a snack & then have lunner at around 4 (lunner is my combination of lunch & dinner). I was cold so instead I decided to have soup. Well I ate the whole can of Cream of Broccoli soup & about 30 crackers along with it. I didn't feel like exercising but after I ate that I felt so bad I did the treadmill. Now here is the good part I jogged for a record breaking 45 minutes in a row. Go me!! But the bad eating did not stop I ate more crackers then dinner. I need to get control. I will let you know tomorrow how today ended up.


Estela said...

Oh my, you just described me. I confess to being a food addict. Get this...I will wake at 4 am to go pee and my mind wanders to food!! How bad is that?@!?@#! Of course, I go right back to bed, but that's how it is in this brain.

I guess we're just doomed to fighting the demons all our lives, and we MUST win!

Estela in Sunny South TX

Ron said...

I have been incorporating "eating clean" into my plans also. Of course, I don't mind vegetables!