Thursday, January 22, 2009

Loving it

I am loving the clean eating. Not sure if I am really following clean eating to the T but I do feel so much better. I have not had a headache in 2 days & I feel so much more energized. I am eating a lot more fruit & vegetables, Whole wheat instead of white flour items & lean meats. I do visit the bathroom more often but I guess that is a good thing. I did not make it to the gym today nor did I get any exercise in. We are having a pot luck at work tomorrow & I am making a Death By Chocolate so I had to go to 2 different stores to get the stuff then come home & make it. ( I will not have any). I am not making excuses just saying why also I just did not feel like it. The Death by Chocolate does smell & look yummy but I don't even want any. I actually won't eat anything at the pot luck because I get out at 11am so I think I will be gone before it starts.
Food for today
Breakfast= Steel cut oats with Cinnamon, Orange

Lunch=Egg frittata, Salad & Pineapples
Snack= Fiber one bar, Popcorn & Hot chocolate
Dinner= Grill cheese on whole wheat, Noodle Soup, peppers & tomatoes


Ron said...

Sounds like your doing great! Keep it up!

Brandi said...

Look at all those great meal choices!! Keep up the hard work :)