Tuesday, January 20, 2009

So far so good

I have almost made it thru day 2 of my new eating plan. I was able to upload the food pictures yesterday so go check it out. Today was such a memorable day with the inauguration of President Obama. I was able to sneak away from my desk to watch it & it was great.

I do feel a little better today, but again I woke up with a migraine. I am going to have to see the doctor if this keeps happening. I have had a migraine everyday since last Wednesday & it is not fun. Maybe now that I am eating better that will help. I did not go to the gym today because I am still not feeling 100% & I just did not feel like it. I am defiantly going tomorrow.

Food for today

Breakfast= 1 cup grapes, 1/2 cup oats with 2 oz almonds

Lunch= Wheat wrap with 1 3/4oz chicken, 1tb hummus & lettuce, Peppers & an orange

Dinner= 1cup wheat pasta, 18 small shrimp, 1/4 cup sauce & 1 slice lite garlic bread
I did not take a picture of dinner sorry.
Snacks= egg white & V8, apple with low fat cheddar cheese & 100 calorie popcorn.

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Ron said...

Congrats on your 2nd day of eating clean.... your meals look great to me. Keep at it!!!